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Mornflake Hawaiian Crunchy Cereal - 500g

  • Toasted oat cereal with pineapple, bananas and raisins.


Product Description

  • Mornflake Hawaiian Crunchy is a deliciously toasted selection of freshly milled oats and other pure ingredients and is packed with nutritional goodness!

Nutrition Information

Per 100g: Energy 1761kJ/418kcal, Protein 6.0g, Fibre 7.6g


A wide range of mouthwateringly irresistable crunchy varieties to choose from - there's something for every taste! Mornflake Oat Crunchy products are all made from a deliciously toasted selection of freshly milled oats and other pure ingredients.

They make a most nourishing and sustaining breakfast with cold milk, cream, yoghurt, or just on their own. Simply perfect for topping desserts, putting a new crunchiness into salads, adding class to cakes and giving more bite to biscuits. Or you can dip into them at any time of day!


Mornflake Oats were founded in 1675 when they began milling Oats in South Cheshire, where they are still based today.

Oats were used as the very first breakfast cereal and in those far off days whole grain cereals were the major source of nutrition, providing a healthy diet for our ancestors. Most people now realise that these health giving properties are as important today as they ever were.

Drawing on over 300 years of milling experience it's no wonder that they are able to produce what is probably the finest range of Oat cereals available today. Much of their grain is "Contract grown" on specially selected farms throughout the United Kingdom and by placing these Contracts they are helping to conserve this important crop as an essential part of the agricultural economy.

They have been Milling Oats and Cereals for over 300 years – no one has been doing it longer!

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