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MOFL10028 Mornflake

Mornflake Oatbran Granola - Nut & Seed - Pack of 6 x 500g

by Mornflake
  • The perfect way to get that added oatbran into your diet
  • Packed in a resealable pouch to keep your cereal fresher
  • Helps to lower cholesterol
  • Provides fibre and energy
  • Expected Despatch By 13/12/2016


Product Description

  • Made from carefully selected hazelnuts, almonds and honey this mouthwatering Oatbran Granola is packed in a resealable pouch so you can keep your cereal fresher for longer. Available in 500g Resealable Pouch Pack *Oat beta-glucan has been shown to help lower blood cholesterol. High cholesterol is a risk factor in the development of coronary heart disease. One 45g serving of Mornake Gold Nuts & Seeds Oatbran Granola provides 1.1g of oat beta-glucan from oats and oatbran, which is 36% of 3g, the suggested daily intake.


  • Mornflake Wholegrain Oatflakes (36%), Toasted Oatbran & Oatbran (17%), Mixed nuts (13%) (Flaked Almonds, Roasted Chopped Hazelnuts, Pecan Nuts), Honey (11%), Mixed Seeds (8.5%) (Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Golden Linseeds), Vegetable Oil, Apple Juice Concentrate (3%), Natural Flavouring, Caramelised Sugar Syrup Toasted Oatbran contains Antioxidants: (Ascorbyl Palmitate, Mono & Diglycerides of Fatty Acids, Alpha-tocopherol, Citric Acid)


  • Contains: Gluten, Oats & Nuts

Nutrition Information

  • Typical Values Per 100g Per 45g with 100mls semi-skimmed milk Energy (kJ) 1997kJ 1101kJ Energy (kcal) 473kcal 262kcal Protein 13.5g 9.7g Carbohydrates 48.5g 26.6g of which sugars 13.6g 10.9g Fat 22.8g 12.1g of which saturates 4.7g 3.2g Dietary Fibre 9.9g 4.5g Sodium 0.01g 0.05g equivalent as salt 0.03g 0.13g


  • HOW TO SERVE Why not try a generous spoonful of Greek yogurt with drizzled runny honey on top, what a way to start the day!


  • At Mornflake we’ve been milling oats in the South Cheshire countryside since 1675, making us the longest established miller of oats and cereal in the UK! 15 generations later, we are still independently owned and managed by the direct descendants of the original miller, William Lea. Although William Lea began milling at the Swettenham Mill in 1675, the family connection with agriculture appears to date back even further. ‘Lea’ is the Saxon word for ‘Meadow’, suggesting an involvement in agriculture since parts of North Wales were in the ancient Kingdom of ‘Mercea’ Old Milling Originally Mornflake milled oats for farmers, but now we contract supplies from them and sell the milled product directly. Most of our grain is ‘contract grown’ on specially selected farms throughout the United Kingdom. By placing these contracts we are helping to conserve this important crop as an essential part of the agricultural economy. At the start of the Second World War Britain was largely reliant on the supply of foodstuffs from beyond its shores. The outbreak of war meant that this had to be rethought and the Ministry of Food turned its attention to home grown supplies. Philip Lea, father of current Managing Director John Lea, was already in the RAF when he was ordered home to ‘feed the nation’. The Ministry of Food wanted him to mill oats due to the sustainable nature of this resilient crop and because oats were believed to be the healthiest of all cereals. The family mills were too small to cope with the task that Philip Lea had been set and so the company moved to a derelict flour mill in Crewe. The country’s need became so great that a new mill and factory were built, making it one of the very few non-munitions developments to take place during the war. Rationing meant home grown oats became a staple part of British diet, and as new products and technologies have become available, the Mornflake product range has developed into what it is today. With expertise and skills handed down from fathers to sons and over 330 years of milling experience, it is no wonder that Mornflake are able to produce what is probably the finest range of oat cereals available today, winning international gold medals for the quality, purity and consistency of our oats year after year.

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This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.