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Mosaic Acrylic French Nail Form Tips x 60pcs - 60pcs

  • Attach the Mosaic Tips to your natural nails 2
  • 100% Brand New in Retail Package Mosaic Tips with 10 different sizes Sizes 0-9 (6pcs of each size and totally 60pcs) Length : 2.2cm(Shortest) - 3cm (longest) Color: Clear You can easily make different styles of Acrylic Nail in minutes Each size is separately packed in a separate chamber of plastic box Can be used for you nail art Suitable for use with gel acrylic or fiberglass applications Design your own nails for wedding party or weekend dating Application: 1
  • Ingredients: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Trim them with the nail clippers or nail file and then get rid of the dirt on them 3
  • Overlay your whole nail surfaces with the clear builder gel and cure them for 2 minutes
  • Apply the clear gel only to your nail beds softly and cure them for one minute 4
  • Make diverse art expressions using various colors of stained glass gels and cure them for a minute again 5
  • When filing is necessary cleanse them gently before the shaping 6
  • After applying the gel and curing them for 3 minutes polish the surfaces as rubbing them softly with the cleanser to end the operation CAUTION: Keep away from children
  • Over-buffing or smoothing causes nails that are thin damaged or infected


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