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Mr Mouth Frog Game


Product Description

Mr Mouth is a mouthful of fly flippin' fun! Choose a colour and gather your flies! Set Mr Mouth spinning and the game's begun! It'll take skill and concentration to flip all 10 flies into the snapping spinning Mr Mouth. Once all your flies are gone, declare yourself the Winner!

GAME RULES - 1. Each player selects a colour and plays with hands and flies of the same colour. 2. While the frog is facing you, flip your flies (one at a time) into his mouth. If you are quick you can get two or three in his mouth in each revolution. 3. The first player to flip all ten of their flies in to the frog's mouth wins the game. If a fly misses or flips out of the frog's mouth, you must flip it again. You'll have to be quick to get all of your flies in first to win!

Box Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 9 cms

Manufacturer's Age Recommendation: 5 years and over.

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