ORGF10020 Mr Organic

Mr Organic Baked Beans Tin - 400g

  • Probably the healthiest thing ever to hit bread
  • Low fat
  • Bursting with antioxidants
  • And they are ready for you!
  • Optimum nutrition
  • Organic Baked Beans Tin
  • This is a plate-load of gymnastic superheroes


Product Description

  • We want you to enjoy Mr Organic baked beans as much as possible so we suggest you heat them in a pan and pour over buttered thick brown toast.


Our story began over 40 years ago when Valerio's grandfather decided to start a tomato processing business about 70km south of Rome in Italy. Fast forward two generations and it is now Valerio that has taken the helm of the family business.

Valerio's passionate belief that organic is better for you and for the environment resulted in him converting his entire production from non-organic to organic. That was about 12 years ago now and he's been producing top quality organic products for other brands ever since. Although producing for others no doubt helped the proliferation of organic products, the only real way he could effectively increase the consumption of organic was to create a voice that could hopefully engage consumers. That voice comes from Mr Organic.

Although Nonno Simonetti didn't process organic tomatoes, it is thanks to him that we now have three generations' experience in producing high quality and traditional Italian products under our belts. Mr Organic is the culmination of all this knowledge combined with a passion for providing great value organic food to people every single day. Our aim is to promote the consumption of organic food globally, and we are going to do this one tomato at a time. We genuinely believe that organic is better for us, for our environment and for the future of our planet.

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