AWCY14407 Muc-Off

Muc-Off Chain Doc, Chain Cleaning Kit - 400 ml (13 fl. oz)

  • Got a dirty chain Brings your chain back to life in just 19 seconds!The kit comes with a can of Muc-Off Chain Cleaner to use with the Chain Doc device, making it ready for cleaning straight out of the box! Our 400ml Chain Lube can also be attached to the Chain Doc for mess free lubrication.The Muc-Off Chain Doc banishes grime from bicycle chains with minimal effort. The mechanism works by clipping over the bike chain and combining heavy-duty rotating brushes with the awesome power of the Muc-off Chain Cleaner. Basically, the Muc-off Chain Doc is more than a cleaner. It brings your bike back to life in a matter of seconds... 19 to be exact.Features:Easy to use mechanism simply clips over the chain with minimum effort.Heavy duty rotating brushes rapidly remove heavy chain grime quickly and safely.Includes Muc-off 400ml Bio-degradable Chain Cleaner.Removes even the toughest grime including water proof grease and chain lube/wax residue

Product Description

  • Rapidly removes dirt, oil and grime

  • Safe on all chain types

  • Water soluble formula for easy rinsing

  • Cuts through grease to reduce friction

  • Eliminates chain contaminants safely

  • Biodegradable

  • Compatible with Muc-Off Bio Chain Doc

  • Ideal for Road, MTB and Cyclocross

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