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MyHi Healthy Life Drink Strawberry - 784g

  • MyHi Healthy Life Drink Strawberry. 'Healthy Life' is an all in-one-formula for busy people who want to look after themselves. It combines an optimised tapered release protein blend with a digestive enxyme blend to help you digest all the protein in your daily diet. It wil also help you maintain muscle mass.

Product Description

It comes with a full set of amino acids, vitamins and minerals in a scientifically balanced formula. Healthy Life drink is ideal for those in middle age who are starting to experience gradual muscle loss. It provides additional, easily digestible protein with over 25% of your RDA of vitamin and mineral requirement in a once a day formula.


Slow & fast release whey protein blend [Milk protein concentrate (from Milk), whey protein concentrate (from Milk), whey protein isolate (from Milk)], fine Oat powder, Soya protein isolate, soluble fibre [fructo-oligosaccharides (Actilight)], glutamine peptides (gluten), vitamin & mineral pre-mix (di-potassium phosphate, maltodextrin, potassium chloride, magnesium citrate, magnesium carbonate, tri-calcium phosphate, vitamin C, ferrous citrate, zinc citrate, vitamin E, selenium yeast, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, manganese citrate, copper citrate, vitamin A acetate, vitamin B12, vitamin B2, vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, folic acid, potassium iodide, biotin, chromium chloride), weight loss blend (CLA, conjugated linoleic acid, clarinol powder, green tea extract, green coffee bean extract (25% chlorogenic acid)), safflower oil, flavouring, natural colour (beetroot red), stabiliser (xanthan gum), sweeteners (sucralose), digestive enzyme blend (alpha-amylase, neutral protease, lactase, lipase, cellulase).


For Allergens including Cereals containing gluten: See ingredients: milk and soya. Also may contain Egg and products derived from crustaceans.

Nutrition Information

Typical Values per 100g per 30g serving
Energy (kj) 1617 485
Energy (kcal) 386 116
Fat (g) 5.4 1.6
Of which saturates (g) 3.3 1.0
Carbohydrate (g) 13.7 4.1
Of which sugars (g) 13.5 4.1
Fibre (g) 0.0 0.0
Protein (g) 70.8 21.2
Salt (g) 0.248 0.038

Amino Acids Per 100g Per 30g Serving
Alanine 3.0g 0.9g
Arginine 1.9g 0.6g
Aspartic Acid 6.6g 2.0g
Cystine 1.2g 0.4g
Glutamic Acid 17.6g 5.3g
Glycine 1.6g 0.5g
Histidine 1.4g 0.4g
Isoleucine 4.4g 1.3g
Leucine 7.0g 2.1g
Lysine 5.0g 1.5g
Methionine 1.2g 0.3g
Phenylalanine 2.7g 0.8g
Proline 5.5g 1.6g
Serine 3.5g 1.0g
Threonine 4.3g 1.3g
Tryptophan 1.5g 0.4g
Tyrosine 2.2g 0.7g
Valine 3.9g 1.2g
Vitamin & Minerals Per 100g Per 30g Serving %NRV per 30g serving
Vitamin D (µg) 5.6 1.7 33%
Vitamin C (mg) 90 27 34%
Vitamin B6 (mg) 1.6 0.5 34%
Vitamin B12 (µg) 2.8 0.8 34%
Calcium (mg) 1499.8 450 56%
Phosphorus (mg) 968.4 290.5 42%
Magnesium (mg) 698.6 209.6 56%
Zinc (mg) 12.4 3.7 37%
Sodium (mg) 50.5 15.2

Manufactured by

Baker Bennett Ltd









Expected Despatch By 31/10/2016

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