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Nail UV Gel Waiting Engagement Series Cheez! Soak-off Colour Nail UV Gel Polish

  • Soak Off Nail Polish
  • 15 ml Cheez! provides the strongest collection of Soak-Off UV Polish
  • Wrap them tightly enough to prevent leakage
  • Use the cuticle stick to peel the gel nail off
  • The Polish must be applied over Cheez! soak-off foundation Base Gel
  • Suggested UV Light Curing Time: 2-3.5 minutes How to remove soak-off gel? In order to soak off your gel fingernails you will need to the following supplies: nail files or emery boards cotton swabs acetone and cuticle stick
  • Massage in cuticle oil if neccessary
  • Place the cotton swabs on the nail bed and Wrap the nails in aluminum foil
  • Photo color has been adjusted in the greatest extent in order to reflect the real color nature of the color gel
  • To begin taking off your gel fingernails begin scraping them with a nail file
  • This will allow the solutions to soak in better
  • Avoid direct sunlight or extreme exposure to UV Light
  • Coat cotton swabs with acetone
  • It offers the widest color range for customer to experience professional soak-off nail art in a reasonable price
  • This is designed for professional use only
  • Keep away from heat and open flame
  • Directions: The Cheez! Soak-off UV Gel Polish needs to be cured with UV Light Systems
  • Allow the acetone to soak in for 15-20 minutes
  • Do not apply to the natural nails directly
  • However please be reminded that your monitor sometimes may make the real color slightly different
  • Product includes: Waiting Engagement Series Soak-off Color UV Gel Polish x 3 Free Gift (Valid while stocks last) : Soak-off UV Topcoat + Soak-off Base Gel Product descriptions: 100% Brand new in retail package Waiting engagement Series Soak-off Color UV Gel Polish x 3 Brand : Cheez! by BEAUTIES FACTORY Each bottle : ~ 0.5 FL.Oz
  • Cheez! Nail Polish
  • Colour Nail Polish
  • Nail Art Decoration
  • Soak Off Nail Gel

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