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Nasopure Little Squirt To Go - 1 Box

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  • Nasopure Little Squirt To Go
  • Hana's Nasopure Little Squirt to go is the preferred alternative sinus rinse for kids.


Product Description

  • This nasal rinse for kids cleans the pollens, bacteria and dust before it even roots itself in your child’s sinuses and causes problem
  • 100% natural and environmentally friendly - NO OTHER ADDITIVES, PERFUMES OR INGREDIENTS.
  • Unlike a sinus rinse for kids, our kid’s nasal rinse is comfortable and effective
  • Instead of flooding your sinuses like a neti pot or treating symptoms only like allergy medications, shots, steroids and antibiotics, Nasopure for kids attacks the origin of sinus issues
  • With consistent use of a child’s nasal rinse some of the benefits you can expect to see for your child are improved sleep, comfort and general health marked by fewer expensive doctor appointments
  • Each packet makes 4 oz of buffered hypertonic solution or 8 oz of isotonic (milder) solution
  • Since toddlers are naturally suspicious, they might be hesitant to try washing their nose
  • Each packet weighs 3.75 gm, and contains pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride & sodium bicarbonate
  • In this case, we recommend reading our suggestions for how to teach nasal irrigation for children which is based on Dr, Hana’s personal experience teaching her own little ones.

    This Nasopure for kids set contains 1-4 oz Nasopure patented BPA free child or travel bottle, 20 buffered salt packets & instructions
  • This kit makes a total of 80 oz of hypertonic solution or 160 oz of milder solution

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Expected Despatch By 31/10/2016

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