BUTT10000 Native Unearthed

Native Unearthed Crystal Deodorant Original - 100g

  • Explore Native Unearthed Original Crystal Deodorant – A crystal deodorant made solely from volcanic crystal minerals and nothing else
  • Native Unearthed Crystal Deodorant Original
  • There’s nothing quite like it


Product Description

  • Instead, our deodorants still allow your body to continue it’s normal course of eliminating toxins from the body whilst providing round the clock protection
  • How do our Crystal Deodorants prevent odour – By leaving an invisible layer of natural minerals on your underarms which works around the clock to prevent the build up of odour causing bacteria.

    Better still, whilst preventing odour, our natural deodorants don’t clog pores like the normal deodorants
  • To add, we have also been awarded the Allergy Friendly product award by Allergy UK
  • Choose Native, Choose confidence.

    Native Unearthed’s crystal deodorant has received recognition and certification from Cruelty Free International, The Vegan Society and PETA international
  • We are currently the ONLY brand in the UK to hold this certification.

    To use your crystal deodorant stick, simply moisten the tip and apply, or apply to wet underarms.

    Conventional antiperspirants & deodorants contain aluminium which is a metal
  • In comparison, our crystal mineral salts are compounds containing molecules which are too large to be absorbed by the skin
  • These small molecules within the aluminium are easily absorbed by the skin and can enter into the bloodstream
  • Therefore,our crystal deodorant gives our customers the freedom to remain odour free without exposing them to the abundance of harsh chemicals which are commonly used to prevent body odour in conventional deodorants.

Manufactured by

Butterbee’s LTD









Expected Despatch By 25/10/2016
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