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Natural By Nature Rose Absolute - 2.5ml

  • Solvent extracted from the cabbage of the rose
  • Associated for their qualities in skin care
  • Pure Essential Oil Rose Absolute - petals (rosa centifolia)
  • An ingredient for the finest perfumes and expensive skin care products.


Product Description

  • It is associated with spirituality of the heart and have the quality of being sensual and romantic
  • The addition of synthetic chemicals to a natural essential oil destroys its therapeutic properties, and is therefore totally unacceptable in the practice of aromatherapy.

    Therefore, in the selection of our range of essential oils, we do not accept adulterated essential oils, even though they may smell acceptable to those who are unaware
  • All batches of essential oils are therefore thoroughly analysed for any trace of adulteration
  • For this reason, there may be occasions when the natural essential oils offer different slightly
  • The oil smells absolutely delicious.

    Essential oils are natural fragrant extracts obtained from aromatic plants produced in all parts of the world
  • Whenever possible, essential oils from organically grown corps are selected
  • It has a soothing action on the emotions, provides comfort in times of turbulence and instil a feeling of peace and happiness
  • It is enormous task selecting the different oils


Natural by Nature Oils is a family run business, specializing in aromatherapy since 1974. We were one of the first companies to promote aromatherapy in the UK. Since then, our reputation and expertise in producing high quality products has grown and we are now recognised as one of the leading authorities in this field.

Natural by Nature Oils is your guarantee of pure aromatherapy. Every product leaves our factory in perfect condition and we guarantee our range of products are of the highest quality. All our products contain the purest ingredients that nature can offer without using any harmful chemical and parabens.

Our products are not tested on animals and are free from all animal derivatives.

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