NATC10000 Natural & Clean

Natural & Clean Cat Litter - 6000ml

  • Finally you can look after your cat, your home and your environment all at the same time! Lose your carbon footprint and let your cat put their stamp of approval into their tray with Natural & Clean Cat Litter.
  • Natural & Clean Natural & Clean Cat Litter 6 Liter


Product Description

  • The patented odour control formulation removes the smell of cat urine permanently and with this clumping formula, you need only remove the waste clumps
  • T
    he clumps are flushable and the litter is compostable, simplifying disposal worries
  • Not only that, but a 6 litre bag will last 1 cat approximately 4 weeks and can absorb 300% of its weight in liquid and this lightweight formulation makes it even easier to carry!
    The texture appeals to cats and kittens alike and is kind on paws
  • 100% biodegradable and comprised of 100% waste vegetable matter from only sustainable sources, Natural & Clean has launched this Cat Litter with a difference
  • Natural & Clean Cat Litter does not attract pests like insects and rodents, (because it simply cannot sustain life) any sneezing or skin reactions that you might have thought was merely a normal irritant, will now become a thing of the past.

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