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Nature's Own Biofood Magnesium 100mg - 60 Tablets

  • New Biofood Magnesium tablets consist of 100mg magnesium contained within a yoghurt culture containing the probiotic lactobacillus bulgaricus.


Product Description

  • It is also one of several strains used for the production of yoghurt
  • It is named after Bulgaria, the country where it was first used (it thrives freely on the Balkan Peninsula)
  • Pro means "for" and "Bio" means human life - lactobacillus bulgaricus is part of human life, being one of the natural helpful inhabitants of the human
    intestine and a species found in both edible fermented foods and yoghurts
  • In the case of magnesium, this means that the magnesium is complexed with all the phytonutrients and amino acids which are essential for the absorption, transport and utilisation of magnesium in the human body
  • The resulting product is a yoghurt-based nutrient-rich culture which is spray-dried as soon as the culture has taken up the specified amount of nutrient for the required potency.

    What is so special about Biofood Magnesium?

    Biofood products are presented to the human body in the same form as the nutrients naturally occur in food
  • Each tablet contains 100mg elemental magnesium, which is a significant level to use to top-up a reasonable diet
  • Yoghurt as a food has for centuries been used as a promoter of health by many populations
  • What is Biofood Magnesium?

    New Biofood Magnesium tablets consist of 100mg
    magnesium contained within a yoghurt culture containing the probiotic lactobacillus bulgaricus.

    Lactobacillus bulgaricus is a probiotic culture which
    naturally occurs in the human intestine
  • Hence it has
    receptor sites for all these nutrients.

    What Does "Biofood" mean?

    Biofood is a special term used for some of our wholefood products because the specific nutrient has been through a process in which it is complexed into a live yogurt base containing lactobacillus bulgaricus - a probiotic bacteria
  • Biofood Magnesium is yeast-free and high-potency
  • In the human
    intestine, this bacteria produces lactic acid
  • Hence biofood combines the life-enhancing properties of probiotic bacteria with vitamins and minerals in a yoghurt food base.

    During the Biofood manufacturing process a nutrient (in this case
    magnesium) is added to a growing yoghurt culture containing lactobacillus bulgaricus
  • It also breaks down lactose and is often helpful to lactose-intolerant people.

    Yoghurt is a food medium which is naturally rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium and also B vitamins, selenium and zinc
  • Bear in mind that statistically most people in the Western world are receiving 300mg of magnesium from diet on a daily basis, which is the allotted RDA.

    The Benefits of Biofood Magnesium:

    A natural mineral formula containing probiotic bacteria;
    High absorption and utilisation potential - yet very gentle;
    Very high safety;
    Complete with amino acids for active transport to sites of need in the body;
    Totally yeast-free;
    Suitable for vegetarians;
    Wholefood & high potency too.

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