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NAAI10211 Natures Aid

Natures Aid Co-Q-10 100mg - 30 Capsules

by Natures Aid

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  • Co-Enzyme Q10 (Co-Q-10) is a quinone derivative with a tail, the number 10 referring to the length of the tail
  • Natures Aid Co-Q-10 100mg
  • Inside every cell of the body is a small energy factory where the calories in sugars and fats are turned into the fuel that we run on, called adenosine triphosphate (or ATP)
  • Co-Q-1 0 is an essential part of that process and without it energy production cannot occ
  • It is also known as ubiquinone because it is ubiquitous (found everywhere in biological systems
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Product Description

    • Co-Q-10 also enhances the antioxidant activities of Vitamin E, helping to maintain healthy arteries.

      Blood Pressure healthy levels of Co-Q-1 0 are associated with a strong pumping action ii the heart and less resistance to blood flow
    • The Benefits of Co-Q-1O
      Cardiovascular disease a 75% reduction in the body's Co-Q-1 0 level leads to the hear ceasing to function therefore it is important to maintain adequate levels
    • Trials hav shown Co-Q-10 supplementation helps restore gum health by preventing the progress a gum disease and increasing the rate of gum healing.

      Weight Loss research has shown that some overweight people have low Co-Q-10 levels Increasing the levels of Co-Q-10 increases the body's metabolism and induces weight loss
    • Anti-Aging and Immune system - studies with mice increased their lifespan by 50% with Co-Q-10 supplementation and extended the youthfulness of skin and gave the ability to ward off infection
    • Reducing the resistance to blood flow associated with healthy blood pressure.

      Gum Disease diseased gum tissue contains very low levels of Co-Q-10
    • During infection, the white blood cells are more active and mobile, s require more energy.

      Energy Booster Co-Q-10 has been shown to stimulate energy production in people feeling tired and run down.

      Statin Users - the group of drugs collectively known as statins are well known to deplete levels of Co-Q-10 in the body and supplements are often recommended to rectify this situation.

      Co-Q-10 plays a very important role at a very fundamental biochemical level as a carrier in a process known as the 'electron transport chain' This process occurs within an area in the cell known as the mitochondria and is the method by which the body produces energy.


  • The Co-Q-1 0 used in this product is produced by fermentation using a plant source and is free from hydrogenated vegetable oil.


  • Co-Q-10 should be avoided by anyone taking warfarin and should not be used to tree cardiovascular disorders unless under medical supervision.


  • We, at Natures Aid, are committed to providing our customers with products of the highest quality therefore we will never compromise on our high standards of quality, efficacy and safety in products, services and the environment in which we work. We ensure that every product we sell is fit for its intended use and in the packaging used it will maintain its quality until the end of its ‘best before’ date and is free from physical, chemical and biological contamination. We ensure it contains the correct ingredients, in the correct proportions and always meets the label claim and once the product is taken it disintegrates and is absorbed by the body effectively. Quality control and quality assurance cover all processes and procedures to guarantee high quality. We at Natures Aid have always worked to the principles of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and to all the legal requirements of the Food industry and the Pharmaceutical industry. All staff have intensive training in GMP, Hygiene and Health & Safety to ensure that quality is ‘built in’ to every product. We carry out regular quality audits both internally and externally- ensuring that quality is maintained. We impose stringent quality control and quality assurance procedures from delivery into our factory where everything is fully checked and identified by QC before being released for manufacture. We check the quality throughout every stage of the manufacturing and packaging process until the finished product is thoroughly checked and finally passed and released for sale. We use standardised Herbal extracts wherever possible to ensure consistent potency so that consumers can be confident that every tablet will deliver the same amount of the active ingredient. The potency and purity of our raw materials are always the highest available and are sourced to specific quality standards. We work hard to ensure raw materials and finished products conform to the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia and the BHP (British Herbal Pharmacopoeia) and reject outright any raw materials that do not meet this criteria. We use several techniques for analysing and testing raw materials and finished products in our own laboratory, headed by our full time technical support manager. A lot of tests we carry out are based upon ‘scientific fingerprint techniques’. These identify active ingredients. Every compound has a unique pattern (fingerprint) when analysed and by using these methods we can identify what each compound is and whether herbal compounds are from the root or leaf and ensure that it is pure and free from contaminants by checking its ‘fingerprint’. One of these methods is FTIR (Infra-red spectroscopy) used to confirm the identities of single compounds e.g. vitamins and some soft gel capsules by plotting the molecular fingerprint. We also use TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography) which is used to identify herbs and herbal extracts by separating out individual compounds in the sample and producing characteristic patterns which are compared with reference materials. Any contaminants in materials would then be shown and the material would be immediately rejected. TLC can also be used to confirm the purity of single materials such as vitamins. In addition we use HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) This is mainly used to measure the strength of vitamins, herbs and other natural products in both raw materials and finished products. It is also used to check for purity. Various traditional methods of chemical analysis are also used to test raw materials and active ingredients in tablets. Finally, disintegration, hardness and friability tests are carried out to ensure that the tablets will disintegrate in the body when taken, yet will stand up to packaging and transportation nationwide. The result of our commitment to quality is that whenever you see the Natures Aid name on a product you can be confident that the product meets the label claim and that it has been made from the finest ingredients to a consistently high standard.

About Brand

  • Natures Aid supply a comprehensive range of Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements and Herbals to help meet the demands of today’s modern lifestyle. Over the last 30 years Natures Aid has grown to become one of the leading brands of nutritional supplements. Based in the UK their philosophy is to provide top quality, innovative nutritional supplements to help maintain optimum health.

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