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Natures Naturals PainSolv MKV - 1 Box

  • PainSolv® MkV is a natural nerve and muscle stimulator that is a battery-powered, hand-held device designed to apply an electromagnetic (EM) field to massage body deep tissues to help reduce discomfort.
  • Natures Naturals PainSolv MKV


Product Description

  • The device is intended to be used in home settings
  • PainSolv® MkV is more versatile than TENS, Ultrasound and EMS
  • The product is supplied with an internal re-chargeable battery and dedicated charging adaptors
  • Unlike Ultrasound and TENS, as it can be used on prosthetic implants such as knee or hip replacements without any danger of unpleasant side-effects or contraindications
  • PainSolv® uses researched therapeutic technology
  • Charger adaptors are available in UK, Euro, World and Australian configurations
  • (Click here for Safety Comparison table showing the difference between the various modalities).

    Of course, everyone is aware that most pain sufferers are over-medicated and under-treated, particularly the older members of our population
  • It is a CE-marked (CE 591626), ARTG-approved (ARTG217500) and has been independently designated by the GMDN Agency (GMDN Code 35169).

    It is a self-contained electronic unit with controls intended to be applied to the body to emit short-time pulsed, radio-frequency energy pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) to tissues at a level below the patient's heat sensory perception threshold
  • It is less commonly known how hazardous medications of all kinds can be, what with the side-effects and contraindications that inevitably occur with their use.

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Expected Despatch By 25/10/2016
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