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Naturya Organic Chia Seeds - 175g

  • Naturya Organic Chia Seeds. Chia is sheer goodness. Full of Omega 3, it performs wonders for your heart, memory and cholesterol. 100g contains more than 21 times Omega3 than soy beans.

Product Description

The Aztecs unlocked the power of chia seeds over 4000 years ago. And we’re bringing that wisdom to you in a pouch – stuffed full of around 308,250 super seeds.

Our chia is sourced from local farms across South America - from Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay. Locations are carefully selected within chia’s naturally occurring range. Partnering with farmers across the continent guarantees a supply of the finest chia at fair prices, regardless of weather conditions.

Our rich seed lineages are the result of over 500 years of craft by native Nahua
villagers, who’ve carefully cultivated wild chia for generations, using selective
breeding to build a natural resistance to pests.

Mature chia plants are cut from November to January, depending on location. The small seeds are easily separated from the coarse plant, meaning the crop is already 96%
pure seed at harvest. Seeds are then vibration-cleaned, refining the quality chia seed from any small pebbles or impurities.

Purity is guaranteed when the are seeds are passed over magnets, meticulously removing the smallest particles, before freezing at - 25°C. Our chia seeds are also rigorously tested
contaminants, to delivering a final product completely pure and free from
heavy metal residues and pesticides.

Nutrition Information

Typical values per 100g Serving
Typical values per 100g
Energy 1772 kJ
429.2 kcal
Fat 28.2g
of which
saturates 2.68
monounsaturates 1.56g
Polyunsaturates 22.48g
of which Omega 3 17.38g
Carbohydrate 7.34g
Sum of Sugars 0.86g
Dietary Fibre 31.98g
Protein 20.44g
Salt <0.1g
Vitamins % NRV
Vitamin A 36.8µg
Vitamin E 0.27mg
Vitamin C 1.7mg
Potassium 538mg 27
Calcium 311.06mg 39
Phosphorous 642mg 92
Magnesium 246mg 66
Iron 6.03mg 43

Chia is high in Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Iron, Protein and Polyunsaturates

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