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Nemco Easy FryKutter - 1/4'' Cut

  • Easy FryKutter uses an exclusive short throw handle and superior engineering to improve leverage for smooth, easy cutting or wedging in just one stroke
  • Suitable for potatoes, carrots etc.
  • Nemco Easy FryKutter


Product Description

  • Built to last under the toughest day-to-day conditions
  • Labor Saving
  • wedger kit
  • Chop onions, peppers, carrots and tomatoes
  • Versatile: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" square cut or 4-sec., 6-sec., 8-sec
  • Blade & holder assembly easily replaceable
  • Great for wedging fruits too!
  • Slide-in, slide-out wall bracket fits the same mounting holes as most other machines
  • Key Features:
  • Wedge tomatoes for salads and potatoes for steak fries using the Wedger Kit
  • Time Saving (chop an onion, potato, pepper in less then 5 seconds)
  • Consistent cut size for portion control
  • 3 1/4" square cutting area
  • Fixed or removable with wall bracket
  • Ergonomic designed handle for ease in operation

    Suggested Uses:
    Cut potatoes for french fries and cut carrots and celery sticks
  • Works with natural body motion to eliminate awkward stretching and reduce operator fatigue


Built tough and engineered to perform better, NEMCO products afford fast and easy slicing, dicing, wedging, cubing, coring and chopping by even your least experienced employees. With NEMCO, you keep better control of the shape, size, freshness and appearance of every serving.

Consistent food quality
No matter who's in your kitchen, every cut is the same - everytime, everywhere - so your customers always get the great taste and quality they expect.

Greater portion control
Consistently sized food product allows consistent, error-free portioning and measuring. If your recipe requires three 1/4-inch tomato slices, that is exactly what you'll get with NEMCO. No more. No less.

Reduced food waste
NEMCO products use food efficiently. They cut the entire food item, from end to end. There's no incomplete processing - no "oversized" scraps. Less food gets thrown out, so your food costs can go down.

Improved operator comfort
NEMCO products are carefully engineered and evaluated to make users more effective and efficient on the job. Every motion, every repetition is considered during product development to make food preparation as fast, easy and fatigue-free as possible. Special safety features are built in too.

Superior durability
NEMCO products are designed and built to stand up to the most rigorous demands. Yet they are light enough for easy cleaning and compact enough to store. Superior engineering combined with durable cast aluminum, rust-resistant stainless steel and engineered plastics afford long life and easy maintenance.

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