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Nemco Easy Tomato Slicer II - 3/16'' Cut

  • Compact, efficient, easy to use and even easier to maintain, the new Easy Tomato Slicer II with its pretensioned cartridge blade assembly is safer and more convenient than ever
  • Vegetable Cutters
  • Vegetable Slicer
  • Nemco Easy Slicers
  • Consistent cut size for portion control
  • Easily replaceable cartridge blade assembly


Product Description

  • The newly designed blade set stays properly aligned and tightened without the need to adjust it
  • The Easy Tomato Slicer II has an ergonomic handle, Microban slide board, hand guards, self-lubricating track, rubber feet and a table stop like its predecessor, the Easy Tomato Slicer, a staple in food service kitchens
  • Accommodates a larger tomato than the original Easy Tomato Slicer™
  • Achieve perfect slices every time with the Nemco N55600-1 Easy Tomato Slicer
  • Cut down on labor and time while easily slicing tomatoes for your hamburgers, subs, salads, sandwiches, prep tables, and salad bars! The Nemco N55600-1 Easy Tomato Slicer features a razor-sharp blade that cuts with trouble-free precision
  • The blade on the N55600-1 has a unique, self-lubricating track material that resists misalignment problems, which can cause nicks and broken blades
  • The N55600-1 takes up an amazing 60% less countertop space than similar, bulkier models and weights just 10lbs
  • The vertical handle and protective guards on the N55600-1 improve user comfort and safety
  • NSF Listed
  • Key Features
  • Nemco makes the best cartridge tomato slicer
  • Labor & Time saving
  • Cleanly slices even over-ripe tomatoes
  • Consistent cut size for portion control
  • Easily replaceable cartridge blade assembly
  • Compact, portable and simple to use
  • Smallest footprint
  • Accommodates a 4 ½” diameter tomato
  • Life test of 25,000 lbs of tomatoes & still cutting


Nemco, of the U.S.A., produce professional food preparation equipment which is designed to be easy to use without any specialist training. There are machines to prepare many varieties of vegetables easily and with mouth-wateringly tempting results, all are built tough and engineered to perform. There is complete portion control, consistently sized food product allows for error-free portioning and measuring. Nemco products are carefully engineered and evaluated to make users more effective and efficient, special safety features are built in too. The entire range is designed and built to stand up to the most rigorous demands yet they are light enough for easy cleaning and compact enough to store. Superior engineering, combined with durable cast aluminium, rust-proof stainless steel and engineered plastics afford long life and easy maintenance.

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