GBRT10800 Nemco

Nemco Easy Tomato Slicer - 1/4" Cut

  • Easy tomato slicer, 1/4”
  • Compact, high output machine, stainless steel blades
  • Material: aluminum
  • Compact size
  • Quality construction
  • Stainless steel blades


Product Description

  • Nemco makes the best cartridge tomato slicer
  • Labor & Time saving
  • Cleanly slices even over-ripe tomatoes
  • Consistent cut size for portion control
  • Easily replaceable cartridge blade assembly
  • Compact, portable and simple to use
  • Smallest footprint
  • Accommodates a 4 ½-inch diameter tomato
  • Life test of 25,000 lbs of tomatoes & still cutting
  • Save time, labor and valuable work space with the Easy Tomato Slicer
  • A full-size machine, its highly efficient design takes 60 percent less counter space than other, bulkier units
  • Razor-sharp blades cut with trouble-free precision, thanks to a unique self lubricating track material that resists misalignment problems that cause nicks and broken blades
  • Vertical handle and protective guards improve user comfort and safety
  • Cleans up quickly and easily
  • Scalloped blade option available on all models


In 1976 Ed Neidhardt, with help from his brother Gene, and father Earl, established a small machine shop in Hicksville, Ohio. The company was named NEMCO to represent Neidhardt Engineering and Manufacturing Company. Due to the persistence of a local eatery owner, Ed developed a machine that would cut potatoes into a curly shape. Thus, Nemco’s first product, the Spiral Fry, was introduced to the foodservice market in 1981. Today, Nemco Food Equipment manufactures over 75 different products for the foodservice industry. Nemco offers the industry’s most complete line of manually operated food preparation equipment, a complete line of hot dog cooking equipment, counter top warming equipment, waffle and cone bakers, counter top ovens, a pasta boiler, and an assortment of pizza and sandwich merchandising equipment. Also, Nemco manufactures the BusBoy line of commercial disposers, considered the most rugged in the industry. With a reputation for innovative quality products, their goal is simply to “Exceed your Expectations”


Nemco, of the U.S.A., produce professional food preparation equipment which is designed to be easy to use without any specialist training. There are machines to prepare many varieties of vegetables easily and with mouth-wateringly tempting results. All are built tough and engineered to perform. They provide consistent food quality, no matter who’s in your kitchen, every cut is the same - every time, everywhere. There is complete portion control, consistently sized food product allows for error-free portioning and measuring. If your recipe requires three ¼inch tomato slices, that is exactly what you will get with Nemco, no more, no less. Nemco food products use food efficiently. They cut the entire food item from end to end. There is no incomplete processing - no oversized scraps. Less food gets thrown out so your costs are reduced. Nemco products are carefully engineered and evaluated to make users more effective and efficient. Every action, every repetition is considered during product development to make food preparation as fast, easy and fatigue free as possible. Special safety features are built in too. The entire range is designed and built to stand up to the most rigorous demands. Yet they are light enough for easy cleaning and compact enough to store. Superior engineering, combined with durable cast aluminium, rust-proof stainless steel and engineered plastics afford long life and easy maintenance.


Size: 1/4" Cut. Material blades: Stainless Steel. Material: Aluminum

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