LRRS12341 New Sprouts

New Sprouts Measure It! My Very Own Tape Measure

  • A simple introduction to measurement! Colourful Tape Measure designed for early learners to develop numeracy skills through pretend play! Ages 3-7
  • Childrens Measurement Game
  • New Sprouts Measure It! My Very Own Tape Measure
  • Childrens Numeracy Game
  • Childrens Tape Measure.


Product Description

  • Chunky design featuring comfort grip and reel mechanism make tape measure ideal for small hands.
    Manual reel includes self checking sound if turned the wrong way.
    Features metric measurements on one side and imperial on the reverse.
    Measures up to 1.2 metres/4 foot – perfect for youngsters to measure their own height.

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Learning Resources® is a leading manufacturer of educational toys and hands-on learning aids for teachers and parents worldwide. Learning Resources has become the Brand Teachers Trust™ by making and supplying classrooms and homes with high quality, award-winning educational products for early years education, maths (numeracy, fractions, time & money) literacy, phonics (letters & sounds), reading, science, personal social and health education (PSHE), English as an additional language (EAL) and special needs education. Our teacher resources assist in the management of busy classrooms and promote educators' professional development. Learning Resources' educational toys and games stimulate children to explore fine motor skills, gross motor skills, active play, social and emotional skills, creativity, imaginative play, time management and measurement. Other skills we address include speech and language skills, sensory and tactile awareness, vocabulary, storytelling, reading comprehension, writing, number, early science exploration and problem-solving. Our wide range of products include bingos, board games, puzzles, card games, cubes, counters, classroom kits, floor mats, interactive electronic learning games, activity books, pocket charts and construction sets, as well as learning clocks, front of class resources, games kits, stamps, magnetics, balances, calculators and dice, Among our many well-regarded product brand names are Pretend & Play, Smart Snacks, Smart Splash, Time Tracker, Gears! Gears! Gears!, PlayFoam, Three Bear Family, Radius, Cuisenaire Rods, Hot Dots, GeoSafari, Foamfetti, Reading Rods and Rainbow Fractions.

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3 years - 7 years




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