3MHC10206 Nexcare

Nexcare Coldhot Comfort Gel Pack For Aches & Pains - 26.5 x 10cm

  • Includes a gel pack with cover and strap
  • Cold/hot gel compress for natural pain relief
  • Choose cool and soothing or comforting heat
  • Replaces dripping ice bags and leaky hot water bottles
  • Treat pain locally without the use of analgesics
  • Warm in the microwave or with hot water / cool in the fridge or freezer
  • Approx 26.5cm x 10cm


Product Description

  • A reusable gel compress that can be used hot or cold
  • Use cold to reduce inflammation or swelling
  • Use warm or hot to relieve aches and pains, or soothe muscular tension
  • Easy to apply“ position against the body for soothing relief, on the spot
  • A comforting alternative to medicine or pain-killers
  • Compress measures 26.5cm x 10cm and comes with a soft fabric protective cover and strap
  • When you are suffering from localised pain and aches, sometimes you need relief on the spot
  • The Nexcare™ ColdHot Comfort Gel Pack is a drug-free remedy which provides targeted soothing, for comfort where you need it the most
  • Nexcare ColdHot Therapy products are gel-filled compresses with dual purpose: they can provide either flexible ice or comforting heat as a drug-free way to treat pain locally
  • The non-toxic gel is encased in a strong, reliable plastic envelope which is flexible enough to wrap around joints or mould to a particular area of the body, even when frozen
  • The compresses are hand washable and reusable, and are supplied with a soft fabric protective cover
  • A great alternative to dripping ice packs or leaky hot water bottles, they can be cooled in the fridge or freezer, or warmed up in the microwave or by placing in hot water
  • Nexcare ColdHot Gel Compresses can provide effective relief from the pain of sports and soft tissue injuries, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation, muscle tension, headaches, period pain, back pain and muscle stiffness or spasm
  • Ideal size for ankles, knees, elbows and the face or head
  • Simply cool or warm it as per the instructions in the box, slip it into the protective cover and use the elasticated strap to secure it in place for as long as is comfortable
  • Please note that cold therapy should be applied for a maximum of 20 minutes, before removing the compress for another 20 minutes and then reapplying
  • If used for heat therapy, the compress will generally need re-warming after around 30 minutes
  • Customers are advised to read the enclosed instructions carefully before using this product
  • Nexcare ColdHot Gel Compresses are also available in a Maxi size (20cm x 30cm) for treating larger areas of the body
  • The professional cold/hot gel compress for natural pain relief without analgesics
  • Cool in the fridge or freezer to reduce swelling or relieve inflammation
  • Heat in the microwave or in hot water to ease headaches or aches and pains associated with arthritis and muscle stiffness
  • Dripping ice bags and leaky hot water bottles are things of the past! Supplied with a protective cover and elasticated strap


Directions Simple Application - warm up compress in the microwave or in hot water, or cool in the refrigerator/freezer. Place into the provided cover and apply to the affected body part. Attention - see instruction for use.


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