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Nexcare Maternity Support Brace - Size 8-18(M) 91-112cm

  • Nexcare™ Maternity Support Brace
  • Be pregnant and comfortable too
  • Ease the strain of pregnancy with the Nexcare™ Maternity Support

Product Description

  • Made from latex-free, whisper-soft elastic, it provides gentle, yet firm support that helps relieve discomfort in your back, abdomen and legs
  • Lifts the abdomen to achieve relief from sagging weight and leg pain, while expanding to accommodate baby's growth
  • Suits pre-pregnancy dress size 10-18


If you have any concerns regarding the use or suitability of this product, please consult your doctor.


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By Flossy500 | Posted on: 27/09/2012

Nexcare Maternity Support Belt

I wear this all the time now. It provides great support and helps my back strain. The only negative thing is that I am constantly catching the velcro strips on the belts themselves as well as anything else they catch hold of, but I am probably not as careful handling them as I could be. I find wearing the whole kit at night exacerbates my acid reflux, so I just wear the smaller belt. The third strap is too big for me to wear (31 weeks) but may need it soon! Comfortable and soft feeling.