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PHUP10164 Nicorette

Nicorette 4mg Chewing Gum - Original - 30 Pieces

by Nicorette
  • NICORETTE® Gum is a nicotine gum that allows you to actively control how much nicotine you use and when you use it. Full Strength 4mg Gum: Suitable for those who smoke more than 20 cigarettes per day.


Product Description

  • When you stop smoking your body misses the nicotine, which you have been absorbing from the smoke. You may experience unpleasant feelings and a desire to smoke ("craving").

    This shows that you were dependent on nicotine. When you chew this gum (make sure you do so correctly — see How to chew the gum) nicotine is released and passes into your body through the lining of your mouth.

    This nicotine is sufficient to relieve the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness, irritability, headaches, inability to concentrate, light headedness or dizziness. It will also help to calm the cravings and urges to smoke but will not give you the "buzz" you get from a cigarette.

    As well as the effects of nicotine, you could be very attached to the habit of smoking. For example lighting up after a meal or in certain circumstances or when you are with particular people. These rituals are part of your smoking habit which you may have been doing for many years. To succeed in giving up you should try to avoid situations where you may be tempted to smoke. Think about the times when you are likely to miss smoking most and try to plan how you will cope on these occasions. Changing your routine will help you to break the habit of smoking.

    Encouragement and support from your doctor, pharmacist, friends and family can make giving up less stressful and more successful.


  • Nicorette 4mg gum:
    Each gum contains 4 milligrams of nicotine, which is the active ingredient.
    Other ingredients are:
    Chewing gum base, sorbitol, sodium carbonate, flavour, polacrilin, glycerol, quinoline yellow E104 (yellow colour) and talc. The base contains butylated hydroxy toluene, (E321) an anti-oxidant.
    Contains no sugar (sucrose) or animal products.
    The gums are blister packed in sheets of 15 and supplied in packs of; 30 or 105 pieces.


  • you are pregnant or breast-feeding. If however you cannot give up smoking without the use of nicotine replacement therapy, you should consult your doctor
    you are under 18 years of age (unless recommended to do so by your doctor)
    you continue to smoke.
    you have stomach ulcers or other stomach problems
    you suffer from persistent indigestion or pains in the chest
    you suffer from diabetes, overactive thyroid gland or have a tumour of the adrenal gland (phaeochromocytoma - your doctor will have told you)
    you have had or still have angina pectoris (chest pain) or any other problem with your heart or blood vessels (such as pain in one or both legs when you walk).
    you are regularly taking other medicines. Stopping smoking may require the dose to be adjusted.
    you are allergic to any of the ingredients, as listed above.

    Do not exceed the stated dose.

    If you have false teeth that are poorly fitting or dirty you may have difficulty chewing the gum. If you experience this problem, nicotine in the form of a skin patch, inhaler or sublingual tablet may be more suitable for you.

    Looking after your medicine
    Do not use the gum after the 'Use before' date on the box or blister strip.
    Keep in a safe place (not above 25°C) away from pets and children.
    Dispose of gum sensibly.

    For further professional advice ask your pharmacist.

    Helpful tips on Giving Up
    You may have tried to stop smoking before and you know from bitter experience that it's not easy to give up cigarettes. However, you have now taken the first constructive step towards becoming a non-smoker.

    In overcoming your tobacco dependence you will have to tackle two problems:
    Your smoking HABIT
    Your ADDICTION to nicotine

Nutrition Information

  • How many gums may I use and for how long?
    Because smoking is an addiction, you may find it very difficult to give up. You will still have strong urges to smoke but if you follow these recommendations, you have a good chance of quitting.
    Pick a start day when you will not be too stressed and stop smoking.
    Use the gum whenever you feel the urge to smoke.
    Most people use around 10 pieces of gum a day. You should not use more than 15 pieces a day.

    Over a period of 3 months you should use the gum to relieve the cravings to smoke. After 3 months you should be able to reduce the use of the gum. You should try to use fewer pieces of gum each day. When you are using only one or two gums per day, you should stop completely. The 2mg nicotine gum will be helpful as you reduce your dose. However, you should remember that you might feel a sudden craving to smoke long after you've given up and you can use the gum again if this should happen.

    Remember, only use one gum at a time and chew it as explained in the section How to chew the gum. Do not smoke or use any other nicotine-containing product at the same time.

    What should I do if I have overdosed or a child has taken some?
    If you have used too many gums or a child has chewed or swallowed some you should contact your doctor or nearest hospital casualty department immediately. Take this leaflet and the pack with you. If an adult swallows a piece of gum, there is no great cause for concern: they may experience some nausea.

    Are there any unwanted effects from the chewing gum?
    Some effects you may notice in the first few days include a bitter taste, hiccups, sore throat, headaches, feeling sick, dizziness and mild indigestion or heartburn. These are rarely serious and maybe due to using too much gum, chewing it in a continuous manner, or swallowing too much nicotine. Slower chewing, or use of the 2mg nicotine gum (if necessary more frequently) will usually overcome this problem. Please read the chewing instructions again.

    If you develop palpitations, an uneven (irregular) heart beat or bad indigestion stop using the gum, do not smoke and go to your doctor as soon as possible.

    Occasionally some people are allergic to an ingredient in the gum and may develop a rash or itching or swelling of the tongue or mouth. If any of these occur, stop using the gum.

    Use of more than 10 of the 4mg nicotine gum per day means that you may swallow up to 2 grams of the sugar, sorbitol. As this sugar is split in the body to fructose and to a lesser extent glucose, this may be significant to users with diabetes, or the rare condition Inherited Fructose Intolerance. Nicorette Mint Gums and Nicorette Citrus Gums do not contain sorbitol.

    If you feel nauseous or dizzy it could indicate that you are taking too much nicotine. You should cut down the amount of gum you are using; if you are still smoking some cigarettes, you should stop.

    If you find it difficult to cut down and stop the use of this gum or are worried that without it you will start smoking again talk to your doctor or pharmacist. If you have any side effects not listed here you should tell your doctor or pharmacist.

    When you stop smoking, you may experience mouth ulcers. The reason why this happens is not known but it is not caused by the gum.

    Remember, nicotine gum is not intended as a substitute for smoking, it is an aid to giving up.

    This gum is one of a group of medicines called nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).It is used to relieve withdrawal symptoms and reduce the cravings for nicotine which people get when they stop smoking.

    If you smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day, this product will help relieve your cravings.

    If you smoke 20 or less cigarettes a day, 2mg nicotine gum may be more appropriate.


  • The method of chewing nicotine gum is not the same as for ordinary chewing gum. The gum is chewed to release nicotine then rested so that nicotine can be taken in through the lining of the mouth. If the nicotine gum is chewed continuously, the nicotine is released too quickly and is swallowed. This may irritate your throat, upset your stomach or give you hiccups.
    Chew a piece of gum when you feel the urge to smoke.
    Chew slowly until the taste becomes strong then stop and rest the gum between gum and cheek.
    When the taste fades chew a few times until the taste gets strong then rest the gum again.
    Nicorette chewing technique
    1 Chew slowly until the taste becomes strong
    2 Rest between gum and cheek
    3 Chew again when taste has faded
    Keep chewing like this for about half an hour.
    When the gum has lost its strength you should dispose of it carefully.



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This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.