JOJO11685 Nicorette

Nicorette Fruit Fusion 2mg Gums - Pack Of 105

  • Whether you’re reducing one cigarette at a time or quitting for good, choose NICORETTE® Gum to help control your nicotine intake
  • Nicorette Fruit Fusion 2mg Gums
  • A fresh-tasting way to stop smoking!
  • NICORETTE® Gum acts fast to help you deal with cravings


Product Description

  • Each piece of gum delivers a controlled amount of nicotine into your body – enough to satisfy the craving, but not as much as a real cigarette
  • By giving you control over how much nicotine you use, you can effectively deal with your withdrawal symptoms as they happen
  • So if you’re armed and ready with NICORETTE® Gum, you’re much less likely to get caught out by a craving
  • You can also make sure that you’ll get enough nicotine to satisfy the craving - just choose from the 2mg, 4mg or the new extra strength 6mg gum, depending on how much you smoke.

    How much NICORETTE® Gum do I need
  • This will depend on how many cigarettes you smoke daily
  • As a rough guide, most people start by using between 8-12 and up to 15 pieces of nicotine gum each day.If you start with the Extra Strength 6mg Gum, the best time to switch to the medium strength 4mg Gum or low strength 2mg Gum is during the reduction stage.
  • When used correctly, NICORETTE® Gum can significantly help your chances of stopping smoking successfully versus willpower alone.

    The nicotine is absorbed quickly through your mouth and gums, relieving those unpleasant withdrawal symptoms soon after they strike


How to use NICORETTE® Gum
Chew the gum slowly until the taste becomes strong (less than a minute)
Rest the gum between your gums and cheek – the nicotine is then released into your body via the mouth lining.
Start chewing the gum again when the taste has faded. Repeat until nicotine craving disappears.

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Expected Despatch By 25/10/2016
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