JOJO11662 Nicorette

Nicorette Invisi Patch 25mg - Pack of 14

  • NICORETTE® INVISIPATCH™ is a once-a-day way to beat nicotine cravings.
  • Nicorette Invisi Patch 25mg


Product Description

  • NICORETTE® INVISIPATCH™ is an effective once-a-day solution to help you deal with nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with giving up smoking.

    The patch is ideal for tackling nicotine dependence without thinking about it too much
  • Once applied, the nicotine is gradually released into your system throughout the day, helping you reduce your withdrawal symptoms, and get used to your new smoke-free lifestyle.

    The INVISIPATCH™ is proven to be 44% more effective than the original NICORETTE® Step 1 patch (INVISIPATCH™ 25mg vs
  • Original Patch 15mg at 12 weeks).

    The patches provide a steady flow of nicotine to the body for up to 16 hours, making it much easier to work into a regular once-a-day routine, keeping nicotine cravings at bay during the day when you need it most.

    NICORETTE® INVISIPATCH™ is specially designed to be as discreet as possible.

    It’s semi-transparent and discreet meaning you can tuck it away from view and get on with your day
  • Just pop it on first thing every morning, and you can focus on enjoying another smoke-free day.
  • An easy, low maintenance solution to help you quit - just stick it on and the patch delivers a controlled dose of nicotine to help tackle cravings for 16 hours


NICORETTE® Inhalator 12-week stop smoking reduction programme

To get the most from your nicotine inhalator you should follow a 12-week reduction programme. Use between 6-12 cartridges per day for the first eight weeks, then for the next two weeks reduce this by half. This will help reduce your body’s cravings for nicotine, so over the following two weeks, you can gradually reduce the number of cartridges you use to zero.

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Johnson & Johnson MSD Consumer Pharmaceuticals









Expected Despatch By 01/11/2016

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