JOJO11602 Nicorette

Nicorette Nasal Spray - 10ml

  • The NICORETTE® Nasal Spray rapidly relieves the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal when you stop smoking.


Product Description

  • If you smoke 20 or more cigarettes a day and get strong cravings, NICORETTE® Nasal Spray could be for you.
  • It quickly and effectively relieves strong cravings and can help with nicotine addiction


- Tip head back slightly
- Insert spray tip into one nostril
- Point towards back of nose
- Press firmly and quickly
- Spray into other nostril if required

NICORETTE® Nasal Spray NRT should generally be used for a total of three months. After eight weeks you should start to reduce the number of times you use the spray until you can do without it.
Maximum two doses per hour.
Remember: one dose = one spray in each nostril.
Contains nicotine. Requires willpower. Always read the label.


NICORETTE® Nasal Spray is a nicotine nasal spray and is designed to be sprayed into your nostrils. Here it is rapidly taken into your body to help relieve nicotine cravings and nicotine withdrawal symptoms without the harmful carbon monoxide, tar and irritants in tobacco smoke. It relieves the urge to smoke, allowing you to concentrate on breaking the ritual.

How does NICORETTE® Nasal Spray feel?
When you first start using it you may experience a runny nose, sneezing or watery eyes. These effects will generally lessen within a few days.

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