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Nicotinell Lozenge Mint - 96's

  • Nicotinell® lozenges help you to stop smoking discreetly and control your cravings with a fresh, minty taste
  • The main advantage of lozenges is that you can use them discreetly to help you stop smoking at work or other occasions where you cannot chew gum.
  • Nicotinell Lozenge Mint


Product Description

  • Suck one lozenge until the nicotine taste becomes strong.
  • Start sucking the lozenge again.

    How to use Nicotinell® lozenges:
    To benefit the most from Nicotinell® lozenges, it is important to use them correctly
  • Nicotine can irritate your mucous membranes, which is why it can irritate your throat when you swallow it.

    When the strong flavour has subsided, you can start sucking again
  • Let the lozenge rest between your gum and your cheek until the taste disappears
  • You will end up swallowing it and it will not have any effect
  • This means that it is releasing nicotine
  • Let the lozenge rest between your cheek and gums as long as the taste is strong.

    Remember to take breaks.
    If you do not take breaks, more nicotine will be released than your mouth can absorb at one time
  • Repeat: suck, rest, suck, rest, until all the nicotine is released, usually after about 30 minutes.
  • How to use lozenges correctly:
  • When you have sucked on the lozenge for a while, the taste will become stronger
  • The nicotine will be absorbed by your mouth and enter your bloodstream
  • If you feel an itchy sensation in your throat, burning in your stomach or experience hiccups or gas, then you should take longer breaks
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