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GLSK10960 Niquitin

Niquitin Patches 14mg - Clear - Step 2 (7 Patches)

by Niquitin

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  • Using nicotine replacement therapy can help you to quit smoking
  • It has been shown to increase your chances of quitting compared with using will power alone
Nicotine Patches.
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Product Description

    • NiQuitin CQ is a unique two-part programme to help you to quit smoking
    • The first part is a three-step patch process that will gradually help calm the physical cravings associated with quitting smoking
    • NiQuitin CQ is available as original pink or transparent patches
    • The second, and just as important, part is the free Committed Quitters Stop Smoking plan
    • This plan is tailored and personalised to your needs and is designed to work with the three-step patch process to give you the support necessary to help you to quit permanently
    • With your willpower NiQuitin CQ™ or NiQuitin CQ™ Clear patches can help you stop smoking
    • NiQuitin CQ™ patches contain nicotine
    • Always read the label
    • NiQuitin CQ patches have been clinically shown to increase your chances of quitting successfully
    • The use of the Committed Quitters Stop Smoking plan in combination with NiQuitin CQ patches has been shown to further enhance your chances of quitting
    • The patch: The three-stage patch programme will help to calm the physical cravings that you will experience when you are quitting
    • As the cravings lessen, the strength of the patch is reduced so that you can eventually wean yourself off nicotine
    • The Committed Quitters Stop Smoking Plan When you buy your first pack of NiQuitin CQ or NiQuitin CQ Clear patches, you will be given information so you can register for the Committed Quitters Stop Smoking plan
    • You can also register by simply calling Freephone 0800 092 93 92 and speaking to an operator
    • During registration you will be asked specific questions that will help to profile your smoking habits
    • This includes determining the times you are most vulnerable, the reasons you want to quit and the things that may worry you as you start the process of quitting
    • This information will be used to design and print a Committed Quitters Stop Smoking plan specifically for you
    • The plan will give you information, advice and encouragement throughout your quitting process which take into account your own smoking habits
    • You will receive your quitting smoking plan by post within a few days of registering
    • Clinical research has proven that using this personalised plan can make a real difference in helping you and your willpower succeed


  • What is the source of nicotine in the patch? The nicotine contained in the patch comes from a natural source and is prepared to pharmaceutical standards. What are the inactive ingredients in the patches? These are: Ethylene vinyl acetate-copolymer, the reservoir that holds the nicotine Polyisobutylene, the adhesive High-density polyethylene, the rate controlling membrane that controls the nicotine delivery from the patch Pigmented polyester backings, the pink occlusive backing Polyester backings, the clear occlusive backing


  • What should you do if you have problems with NiQuitin CQ? The NiQuitin CQ patches may cause unwanted effects in some people. You may get slight redness and itching, burning and tingling of the skin where a patch has been. This usually disappears within a day. Rarely, a more severe reaction at the sticking site, may occur. If this happens stop using the patch and tell your doctor. Occasionally an increased heart rate may be experienced. If this happens, remove the patch and tell your doctor. Other effects that may occur, due to either the patch or giving up smoking, include: • Nausea, mild stomach upset, or constipation • Cough, sore throat or dry mouth • Muscle or joint pain • Headache, weakness, flu-type symptoms • Dizziness or sleep disturbances These effects are often mild and may wear off after a few days’ treatment. Users of Step 1 patches who find these effects are particularly troublesome can step down to the Step 2 patches for the remainder of their initial six week period and then use Step 3 patches for the final two weeks. If these effects continue to be troublesome or do not improve, or your patches upset you in any other way, stop using the patches and tell your doctor or pharmacist. What will happen to a child if they apply or swallow the patch? The amounts of nicotine that are tolerated by adult smokers can produce symptoms of poisoning and could prove fatal if a NiQuitin CQ patch is applied or swallowed by a child. Even after use, a NiQuitin CQ patch contains enough residual nicotine to be harmful to children. Used and unused patches should be kept out of the reach of children and disposed of in a place away from children. If a child comes into contact with a NiQuitin CQ patch that is out of its protective pouch, take the patch away and immediately contact a doctor or the accident and emergency department at a local hospital. I have very sensitive skin – is it safe for me to use the patch? If you have a skin disease, a rash or an allergy to adhesives, you should check with a doctor before using NiQuitin CQ. If you develop a rash or if the skin under the patch becomes swollen or very red on using a NiQuitin CQ patch, you should stop using the patches and consult your doctor.


  • Before you start Read all the instructions in the leaflet and booklet that come with your first pack of NiQuitin CQ and follow them precisely. If you have enrolled in the Committed Quitters Stop Smoking plan wait for it to arrive. Using the Committed Quitters Stop Smoking plan should increase your chances of success. Starting – quit day You should stop smoking completely on the day you have decided and apply the first of your patches. Smoking even one cigarette decreases your chances of quitting. No other nicotine replacement products, for example nicotine gum, should be used at the same time as using NiQuitin CQ patches Stepping down If you start on Step 1 (21 mg patch), use this for six weeks before moving to Step 2 (14 mg patch) for two weeks and then Step 3 (7 mg patch) for 2 weeks. If you start on Step 2 (14 mg patch), use this for six weeks before moving to Step 3 (7 mg patch) for two weeks. It is important to complete the step down programme in full to increase your chances of success. NiQuitin CQ has been proven to significantly reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms even 10 weeks after you have quit. You should not use NiQuitin CQ patches for more than ten consecutive weeks. If you resume smoking you may like to talk to your pharmacist or doctor about how to get the best results from further courses of NiQuitin CQ. Applying the patch The application procedure is the same for both NiQuitin CQ Clear and NiQuitin CQ patches. Choose a clean, dry and hairless area of skin on which to position the patch, to make sure that it sticks properly. Avoid areas where the skin creases (such as over a joint), or where the skin folds when you move. Also avoid skin which is red, cut or irritated. Do not remove the NiQuitin CQ patch from its sealed protective pouch until you are ready to use it. When you are ready to apply the patch: 1. Cut open the sachet along the dotted line, taking care not to damage the patch inside. 2. Take out the patch carefully. A clear, protective liner covers the sticky silver side of the patch – the side that will be put on your skin. 3. With the silver side facing you, pull half the liner away from the patch starting at the middle. Hold the patch at the outside edge (touch the silver side as little as possible), and pull off the other half of the protective liner. 4. Immediately apply the sticky side of the NiQuitin CQ patch to your skin. Press the patch firmly onto your skin with the palm of your hand for at least 10 seconds. Make sure it sticks well to the skin especially round the edges. When applying the NiQuitin CQ patch avoid touching the eyes and nose. When you have finished, always wash your hands with water only. Do not use soap which may increase nicotine absorption. Water will not harm the NiQuitin CQ patch, if applied properly. You can bathe, swim or shower for short periods while you are wearing the NiQuitin CQ patch. Changing your patch A new patch should be applied once a day and at about the same time each day, preferably soon after waking. Leave each patch in place for 24 hours and always choose a different area of skin on which to place the new patch. Do not reuse the same skin site for at least seven days. When you take off a patch, fold it in half with the sticky side inwards and place it in the sachet from which you have just taken your new patch. Throw the sachet containing the used patch away carefully, making sure it is out of the reach of children or pets. If you forget to change your patch at the usual time, change it as soon as you remember, then go on as before. What if your patch comes off? NiQuitin CQ patches generally stick well to most people’s skin if the correct patch application procedure is followed. However, a patch may occasionally come off. If your patch falls off during the day, put on a new patch, making sure you choose a different, non-hairy skin site that is clean and dry. Then apply as before. How long should you wear each patch? It is recommended that you wear each patch for a full 24 hours. But if you wish, the patch can be removed before you go to bed (after about 16 hours) and a new one put on when you wake up. However, removing the patch after 16 hours will reduce its effectiveness in relieving the urge to smoke, felt by some smokers, upon waking.

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