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AWCY10471 Northwave

Northwave Nirvana, Mens Mountain Bike Shoes 2014 Black/Green - 46

by Northwave
  • Performance Line - Challenge YourselfA line of products inspired by the materials used by professionals
  • Performance line is ideal for the competitors who love to challenge their own limits when cycling
  • Those who look for ultra-lightweight and high-performance products and the enthusiast who fights to improve and reach their goals whilst looking for an accomplishment worthy of their idols
  • Multilayer Thermowelded Northwave has extended to its entire new collection the use of thermowelded unibody uppers

Selected Size: 46

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Dispatched & sold by: AW Cycles


Product Description

    • Two main advantages are:- Use of thinner and therefore lighter materials- Almost complete stitching eliminationThe upper results are a more anatomical fitting, in order to better envelop the foot
    • Thanks to this technology, the upper features larger air vents resulting in improved comfort during pedalling S.L.W
    • 2 Micrometric ClosureLighter, smaller and more accurate
    • The closure of the shoe can be adjusted whilst pedalling thanks to the "step by step" button
    • The release side button makes it easy the fully open of the shoe
    • Asymmetrical StrapsThe asymmetrical construction is another innovation of the collection
    • The central strap is moved to the center so as to follow the anatomy of the foot and reduce the pressure on the side area, because particularly sensitive
    • The straps have been lightened by all superfluous elements, presenting thinner thicknesses and discharged central areas, thereby maintaining maximum grip
    • BreathabilityThe increased protection is designed to work with the shoe without affecting the ventilation system
    • The large breathable mesh inserts throughout the upper allow an efficient air circulation and therefore more comfort while riding


  • Super Shield ProtectionBorn to challenge the fearless, the most extreme and reckless users, Nirvana is enriched with extra thermowelded protections along the whole upper, and a special rubber reinforcement on heel, so as to further strengthen all areas subjected to stress and allow you to face top up even the most extreme offroad activities. NW Biomechanical Mapping. From a biomechanical point of view, the foot function is essential as it stores the force generated by muscles which is then transmitted to the pedal in the boost phase. Each element of the BioMap shoes by Northwave has been designed to keep the foot in the correct position while pedalling, transmitting the force directly on the pedals without loss of energy. The soles have been reduced in thickness but the overall stiffness has been increased so the mechanical energy transfer action from the shoe to the pedal can be concentrated in a small area. The upper has had its stitching minimized and is designed to anatomically follow the shape of the foot, preventing slipping and providing an effective support. The vents have also been strategically placed along the upper and the sole to work as an integrated system designed to provide a constant air flow.Performance Pro Footbed EVA and microfiber offer lightness, sole support and the perfect degree of stiffness to transmit all your power to the pedals.Integrated Heel System. The new unibody construction of the uppers allowed to integrate an efficient heel retention system inside the structure, without the need of external elements. Same efficiency, reduced weight.Upper Microfiber + PU.


  • Size: 46. Color: Black/Green

About Brand

  • In Northwave we believe that cycling is the sport with the most beautiful community of fans. The Feed your passion campaign message is simple: we fully agree with this passion and we provide the best food to satiate it: our products, photographed with the best of the Italian traditional cuisine. Continues the collaboration with the team, now evolved in Radioshack Nissan Trek. For the occasion, the Extreme is dressed in a special version which colours match perfectly the team ones.


    • Multilayer Thermowelded
    • S.L.W.2 Micrometric Closure
    • Asymmetrical Straps
    • Breathability
    • Super Shield Protection
    • NW Biomechanical Mapping
    • Performance Pro Footbed
    • Integrated Heel System

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  • Northwave srl






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Dialog example

This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.