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Northwest Passage Adventure Board Game


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  • The first expeditions took place after the discovery of America due to the need of the English to connect both coasts of the Americas to avoid edging the whole continent
  • We will have to manage wisely our progress chips and exploit our character ability
  • The player that crosses first the last row, row 24, wins.
  • The Northwest Passage is a sea route that lies between northern Canada and the North Pole, joining the Atlantic and Pacific oceans
  • We'll have to go tracing the most favorable route as the scenario takes shape, always 4-row vision
  • We will also have the help of the treasures that we will find on the way
  • However, it was not until the beginning of the 20th century when the adventurous spirit of sailors led them to discover this passage.

    The goal of Northwest Passage Adventure – a game of strategy and wit based on a historical adventure, with a playing time of ten minutes per player – is simple: Be the first to discover the Northwest Passage with the help of nothing more than your ship and your ingenuity

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