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Nourkrin Active 45+ - 30 Tablets

  • Nourkrin® ACTIVE 45+ FOR HAIR MAINTENANCE is specially calibrated to help maintain natural, beautiful hair for women in their mid 40’s and beyond
  • Nourkrin Active 45+
  • Nourkrin® ACTIVE 45+ FOR HAIR MAINTENANCE is a safe and drug-free OTC supplement that proactively supports the normal function of the Hair Growth Cycle.


Product Description

  • In turn, this knowledge basis has led to the development of a new product range under the Nourkrin® brand for hair maintenance – for all of life’s seasons.

    With regular, continuous use of Nourkrin® ACTIVE 45+ FOR HAIR MAINTENANCE you can proactively provide support for your hair, helping to maintain a normal Hair Growth Cycle.

    The Normal Hair Growth Cycle

    The Hair Growth Cycle has three phases:

    ANAGEN PHASE (Growth Phase)
    The growth phase in which 85-90% of hair is actively growing at any given time
  • The average duration of this phase is 3-4 months, after which the hair is released from the follicle and replaced by a new hair.
    The follicle then returns to begin a new growth phase, thereby completing the cycle.

    *2006 and 2012 studies published in leading peer-reviewed international clinical journals

    Natural, scientifically proven, and safe

    Nourkrin®’s market leader status is the result of scientific studies published in independent clinical journals over 20 years.

    Nourkrin®’s safety and side effect free tolerability have been repeated in multiple clinical trials featured in leading international medical journals.*

    Nourkrin® is completely drug-free and based on natural ingredients.
  • How does it work

    Help Maintain Your
    Normal Hair Growth Cycle

    Your body’s natural hair growth mechanism is called the Hair Growth Cycle, and in your mid 40’s and beyond it can become ‘disrupted’ due to internal and external factors.

    Our 20 years of documented experience with Nourkrin® WOMAN – FOR HAIR GROWTH has led to an in-depth understanding of the normal functioning Hair Growth Cycle
  • This phase lasts 3 years on average, but can be longer.

    CATAGEN PHASE (Transition Phase)
    The transition phase in which the hair’s nutrient vessel, the dermal papilla, disconnects from the follicle as the growth phase comes to an end
  • Approximately 1% of hair is in this phase for a period of 1-2 weeks only.

    TELOGEN PHASE (Resting Phase)
    The resting phase in which 10-15% of hair sits inactive in the follicle after reaching its full growth potential


Marilex® (295 mg)
The exclusive, proprietary ingredient from Pharma Medico that can only be found in Nourkrin® products.

Marilex® is tried and tested around the world in connection with its registrations, and is recognised as completely safe and suitable for use by all respective authorities, including the FDA and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

The zinc used in Nourkrin® ACTIVE 45+ FOR HAIR MAINTENANCE is of pharmaceutical grade and specially purified to meet the requirements of Pharma Medico.

Contributes to the maintenance of normal hair.


Easy to Use

Including Nourkrin® ACTIVE 45+ FOR HAIR MAINTENANCE in your daily routine is simple.

Just take 1 tablet daily (1 tablet in the morning taken with water after food).

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