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NUA Naturals Vanilla Powder - 50g

  • Try the full rich aromatic flavour of our 100% natural ground vanilla powder.Vanilla (powder) is derived from a type of orchid originally cultivated by the Mesoamerican people in what is now modern day Mexico
  • NUA Naturals Vanilla Powder


Product Description

  • The distinctive aroma and flavour of vanilla comes from the slender brown seed pod or bean of the vanilla plant
  • The main compound of the vanilla pod is vanillin though there are several hundred different compounds present
  • Try it in your favourite deserts and teas
  • This pod contains thousands of tiny seeds
  • Most vanilla flavoured products nowadays, however, actually contain artificial or synthetic vanillin.
    At Ireland’s Raw Kitchen our vanilla powder is produced by grinding whole pure vanilla pods with nothing added or taken away - bringing you a natural full rich aromatic flavour
  • Today it is grown commercially in the tropics from Tahiti to Indonesia through the Indian Ocean to the West Indies and Central and South America though Madagascar accounts for over 95% of world production
  • Vanilla is the perfect partner for raw chocolate.
    Our Vanilla Powner is Non-GMO and is free from pesticides

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