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Nuaire Mrxbox95B-Lp1 - Ceiling Void Heat Recovery Unit


Product Description

  • Designed specifically for apartments, this system provides high performance ventilation with an ultra-low profile, offering greater flexibility to designers and will freeing up valuable space within the home

    The new MRXBOX95-LP1 is the latest development in MVHR technology from Nuaire

  • Mounted within the ceiling void space, the low profile MVHR has a host of low-energy features and benefits

  • Combining supply and extract in one unit, the MRXBOX95-LP1 works to deliver tempered air into living areas, whilst extracting moisture laden air from wet areas, to create a healthy and comfortable living environment
  • All sensors and detectors are supplied with pre-plugged 10m data cable and incorporate status LED

  • Customise your NUAMRXBOX95AB-WM1 for enhanced performance

  • NUAMRXBOX95-RFI - If fan failure occurs the audio visual indicator will flash a warning

  • Specifically designed to fit easily into apartments with ceiling void restrictions where space is at a premium, this space-saving MVHR system will free-up valuable storage space and give designers greater flexibility due to its very low-depth - just 200mm
  • The system will achieve low specific fan power in SAP Appendix Q, meets Part L & F in Building Regulations and achieves Code 3 and above in the Code for Sustainable Homes
  • The DC fans not only reduce power consumption significantly but also lower operating and life cycle costs

  • Features:

    Meets regulations - achieve Code 3 or above through SAP Q eligible products, and Part F & L Building Regulations compliant
    Very low profile at 200mm deep - ideal apartment solution for space restrictions
    Suitible for use with Kair System 204 Rectangular Ducting (204mm x 60mm)
    Low noise levels - acoustic lining ensures quiet running fans
    High efficiency - heat exchanger is up to 80% efficient and provides low-energy ventilation
    Easily accessible filters
    5 year warranty for peace of mind
    Fully automatic summer bypass as standard plus integral frost protection


    Optional Sensors & Detectors:
    A range of optional Sensors and Detectors are available separately

  • Using the latest technology of low watt DC fans, the product operates quietly and uses long life motors to ensure efficient and effective ventilation

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