DSHL10008 Nuflex

Nuflex Muscle Rub Warming Spray - 150ml

  • NUFLEX warming is a pleasant gel or spray based on natural ethereal oils
  • NUFLEX warming works efficiently and relaxing and relieves stiff, sensitive, overloaded and tired muscles and joints.
  • Nuflex Muscle Rub Warming Spray


Product Description

  • NUFLEX warming works well in combination with heavy training but is also indispensable when the body aches after compromised body posture (sitting behind computer), gardening, painting, heavy lifting and so on.
    •Daily problems can be treated, controlled and lessened
    •Increased blood circulation relieves fatigue and muscular exhaustion
    •Increased blood circulation keeps rigid muscles and joints supple
    •NUFLEX warming is ideal prior, during and after exertion
    •Supports the warming up
    •Keeps the muscles activated during exertion
    •Keeps the body active during a break
    •Prolongs and supports the cooling down
    •NUFLEX warming is refreshing and has a soft and pleasant fragrance

    How NUFLEX warming gel and spray helps the body
    •NUFLEX warming starts by initiating freshness, a little sparkle and a slightly cool feeling to the skin
    •This cool feeling desensitizes the affected area and delivers immediate alleviation of muscle and joint pain
    •The cool feeling is followed by increased blood circulation which can be accompanied by a warmth sensation
    •As a result of the above, drainage of lactic acid and other “waste” is being encouraged and set in motion
    •Rosemary oil and pine needle oil stimulate hyperaemia, increase of blood circulation
    •Lavender oil is calming and softening and increases cell growth
    •Pine oil makes muscles supple and relaxed
    •Peppermint oil initiates slight coolness
    •The gel and spay are not greasy, are easily absorbed by the skin and refresh
    •Applicable on back, hands, shoulders, elbows, arms, knees, legs, muscles and joints


•NUFLEX is made purely out of ethereal oils of superior quality
•The most effective combinations of oils are chosen to create the best possible muscle and joint care
•Ethereal oils have healing qualities by nature and contain no harsh chemicals or pain medication
•Therefore NUFLEX doesn’t irritate the skin and has no known allergic reactions or side effects
•NUFLEX doesn’t hide the pain, but treats and cares for muscles from within
•Ethereal oils are easily absorbed by the skin
•NUFLEX can consequently interact with the muscle and penetrates deep into the muscle belly
•NUFLEX doesn’t only warm/heat the upper layer of the skin, but penetrates deep into the muscle belly where the actual problem lies, provides the necessary pain relief and stimulates faster recovery
•Many other products just heat the skin. Heating the skin only leads to warm skin. It strictly distracts the pain and blood stimulation to the skin without properly caring for the hurt muscle

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