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NYDA Head Lice Treatment Pump Spray - 100ml

  • NYDA® is used for the physical treatment of scalp hair in cases of head lice infestation. When used as directed, NYDA® combats adult lice, larvae and eggs. ++Headlice treatment


Product Description

  • It happens in the kindergarten, at school, or in the children’s room: If children stick their heads together at playing games. For head lice it is a true adventure playground. Immediately they creep from hair to hair and suck blood from the scalp. “Mummy, mummy, my head itches”, the children say – by combing the hair, the parasites become visible.

    Head lice are on the rise:
    Head lice infestation is highly unpleasant and has increased sharply over the past few years. Children aged between 3 to 11 years are particularly affected. Hygiene does not play any major role; in fact, head lice strike regardless of whether or not the hair is washed. Until now, standard treatment has been based on products with harmful insecticides that can cause toxic side effects and which sometimes do not effectively kill lice at all stages of their development.

    NYDA® works and this without poison:
    This is exactly where NYDA®, with its smart physical mode of action, sets to work. NYDA® is based on dimeticone. NYDA® penetrates deeply into the breathing system of adult head lice, larvae and into the eggs and causes suffocation. If applied as directed, one application is enough to eliminate all 3 stages of development, leaving your child lice-free.

    Head lice have three development stages: First there is the egg from which the larvae hatches which then developes into the adult louse. When treating head lice infestation, it is essential to effectively combat head lice at all stages of development, i.e. the adult louse, larvae and nits (eggs). Until now, standard treatment has been based on products with harmful insecticides which sometimes fail to effectively kill lice at all stages of their development. In addition, substances can trigger off toxic reactions, e.g. to the nervous system (Lindane in particular). Furthermore head lice are becoming more and more resistant to such treatments.

    NYDA® suffocates the head lice:
    This is where NYDA®, with its smart mode of action, sets to work. Its special composition of two dimeticones with different viscosities has particularly good penetration properties. It penetrates deeply into the tiniest parts of the breathing system of larvae and lice and also into the eggs and replaces the air. This prevents the exchange of gases, and the louse – regardless of how far it has developed – suffocates. NYDA® should be applied for minimum eight hours. After this time also the nits are suffocated and the life circle of head lice is interrupted.

    NYDA®: effective and safe even for small children:
    Thanks to this physical mode of action, the lice are unable to develop any kind of resistance. As NYDA® has a low potential for causing side effects and is well tolerated, it is suitable for children as young as 2 years of age. It is simple to use; its pump spray allows NYDA® to be distributed easily even in long and thick hair. Its special formulation allows easy combing of even the longest hair. Each pack is supplied with step-by-step instruction, showing how NYDA® is used.

    The special lice comb slides easily and comfortably through even thick and curly hair. The lice can be easily seen on the orange background. The teeth of the comb are so close together that the lice cannot escape and the combing doesn’t rip the hair. The lice comb has rounded tips to avoid scratching the skin.


  • Dimeticone, medium-chain triglycerides, jojoba wax, fragrances.


  • Because some of the ingredients are inflammable NYDA® must not be used near open fire or incandescent objects (for example also a hair dryer). Keep NYDA® away from heat and ignition sources and do not smoke during the treatment.


  • 1. NYDA® should be applied to dry hair. Spray the hair roots thoroughly with NYDA®, massage in until the hair is completely wetted and allow it to work for 30 minutes. For detailed information refer to the instruction leaflet.
    2. After 30 minutes the dead lice and larvae can be combed out with the NYDA® -lice comb.
    3. Allow NYDA® to act for at least 8 hours max. (e.g. overnight). This will suffocate even tenacious nits.
    4. Then, wash your hair with your usual shampoo.
    5. In any event the result of treatment should be re-checked after 8–10 days. If necessary the application should be repeated as described above.


  • Of the several hundred different lice types known to mankind, only three are parasitic to humans: the crab (or pubic) louse, the body louse and the head louse. Each of these three species infests a specific body area and does not normally appear anywhere else. Unlike the body louse, the head louse is not believed to be a transmitter of disease-causing germs.

    Head lice are wingless insects measuring 2.0 to 3.5 mm. They permanently live in hair on the human head. These ectoparasites have six very powerful legs with hook-like claws and a proboscis for sucking up blood. The head louse develops in three stages: egg (nit), larvae or nymph (1–2 mm long) and adult. The cycle from egg to adult (i.e. capable of producing its first batch of eggs) is generally around three weeks. Their development is dependent on environmental temperature and humidity. The optimum temperature for the development of lice is 32°C. Using a water-insoluble ‘glue’, the pregnant female attaches her oval 0.8 mm-long eggs (nits) onto the hair shaft, close to the base of the hair. The eggs are encased in a shell of chitin. It takes seven to eight days for the larvae to hatch. Adult lice emerge from the larval stage within 9–12 days and are ready to reproduce after a further 2–3 days. Throughout her life cycle, the female louse can produce 150 to 300 eggs.

    Head-to-head transmission
    Head lice can neither jump nor fly. They migrate from head to head, e.g. when children put their heads together whilst playing. Transmission takes place from human to human, rarely helped by objects such as commonly-shared caps, hair brushes and toys which come into contact with scalp hair.

    Itching is not immediately felt after initial infestation, and often takes a few days to appear. Head lice suck blood several times a day, during which they inject an anticoagulant saliva into the scalp. This triggers off the main symptom associated with head lice infestation, i.e. itching. After initial infestation, it can often take up to several weeks for the immunologic reaction to appear. First of all, red papules become visible on the scalp, which may be followed by nettle-like reactions. Itching increases with the number of bites. Scratching the bites may allow bacteria to enter, thereby making skin reactions even worse.

    Until now, treatment has always been unpleasant for children. Just think back to your childhood days, where lindane products allowed lice to “dance” on your head for hours at a time, and – to the exasperation of many a parent – abortive attempts with the lice comb! Now, help is at hand with NYDA®. NYDA® is an innovative physical solution by Pohl-Boskamp. The less complicated the product is to use, the more certain you can be of successful treatment.

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