BRAP10001 Odaban

Odaban Foot & Shoe Powder - 50g

  • Odaban Foot & Shoe Powder
  • ODABAN® Foot and Shoe Powder is so effective it will eradicate the toughest and most persistent of odours, even those from badly stained well-worn trainers.
  • Sweaty and smelly feet can be so embarrassing that sufferers are often afraid to remove their shoes
  • ODABAN® Foot and Shoe Powder is a really effective product that will astonish with its long-lasting effect.ODABAN® Foot and Shoe Powder will leave the feet and footwear odour free for up to six months.How does it work?Let your feet breathe again!Newly secreted sweat does not smell, it is only when the bacteria on the skin and footwear breakdown the various skin secretions that the familiar unpleasant “smelly feet” odour become apparent


Product Description

  • ODABAN® Foot and Shoe Powder works in two ways; by absorbing perspiration, the powder initially helps reduce the multiplication of the troublesome bacteria by creating a drier habitat and the strong bactericidal properties of the natural ingredients then kill off the remaining bacteria
  • Regular applications of the shoe powder eventually remove all the bacteria leaving a residual bactericidal level that helps keep the feet and footwear smelling fresh for months.

    ODABAN – foot and shoe powder only removes harmful bacteria it does not impair the body’s natural skin protection.


Applying ODABAN
Six months active protection.

Foot and shoe care was never easier. Using the teaspoon provided, sprinkle one spoonful of powder into both shoes each day for seven consecutive days or until the powder is used up. Your feet and footwear will now be odour free for up to six months. Any other footwear, worn intermittently, should be treated each time they are worn until the powder is used up.

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