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Olbas Oil - 15ml

  • Inhalant decongestant - immediate relief for catarrh, colds and sinuses.

Product Description

  • So - Olbas Oil to the rescue
  • When you're feeling achy try massaging in a few drops of Olbas Oil
  • You'll get a lovely warm feeling and a sense of relaxation.

    Olbas Oil is suitable for adults and children as young as three months
  • Being stuck indoors with nothing but a blocked up nose for company is miserable
  • Just a few drops on a handkerchief is all it takes to fill a room with powerful Olbas vapours - perfect for night-time relief and sweet dreams.

    For a really intense Olbas experience, put a few drops of Olbas Oil in a bowl of hot water, lean over it and cover your head with a towel
  • It’s enough to liberate the most stubbornly blocked noses.

    And there's more to Olbas Oil than powerful vapours


Noses. They have a hard life. They get bunged up with winter colds and attacked by summer hayfever. Noses large and small suffer congestion and blocked sinuses, sneezes and snuffles and get rubbed raw by hankies. And when your nose is miserable, it’s no fun for the rest of you.

Luckily, the Olbas family is on hand to help. These days there’s a range of Olbas products to help everyone find immediate relief, wherever and whenever they need it.

Things you didn’t know you can do with Olbas:

There’s more to Olbas than The Power to Breathe. Those soothing vapours are surprisingly versatile.

- Keen sportsmen put a few drops of Olbas Oil on a team shirt or wrist band before a match to keep a clear head.
- Add the recommended dose of Olbas Oil to hot water and leave it to release its vapours in your room overnight.
- Take comfort in a soothing Olbas Bath. Let those aching muscles relax as you unwind and let your cares wash away.
- Some users put drops of Olbas Oil on tea bags and place them in flower beds to keep cats away.
- Use Olbas Oil as an external rub for aching muscles. Apply with gentle massage to the painful area daily.

What makes Olbas so effective?

We can’t take all the credit for Olbas – it was mother nature’s idea (as lots of the best ideas are). Olbas is a special mixture of pure plant oils, with ingredients including clove oil, eucalyptus, juniper berry and cajuput. It’s the combination of these natural ingredients which releases those famously soothing and relieving vapours. It’s the power of nature, you could say.

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