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Omron Digital 3 In 1 Infared Forehead Thermometer

  • OMRON’s new contactless thermometer is a superfast, accurate infrared thermometer with specific features to keep your baby’s temperature constantly under control, with the lowest possible fuss.
  • Omron Digital 3 In 1 Infared Forehead Thermometer

Product Description

  • 3 in 1 Temperature measurement
    The Gentle Temp 720 measures forehead temperature, but can also be used to take surface temperatures, from a milk bottle or food dispenser for example, as well as giving readings for the room temperature
  • After all, why use three thermometers when one can do everything?
    Forehead temperature
    Surface temperature
    Room temperature

    Track temperature changes over time
    With a memory capable of recording up to 25 readings, it’s possible to track temperature changes over a period of time and monitor trends
  • Contactless measurement:
    With OMRON’s expertise applied to a thermometer, the Gentle Temp 720 measures forehead body temperature with no contact in the most accurate way
  • Temperatures can be displayed on the large LCD display in either degrees Centigrade or Fahrenheit

    Backlight Function
    The new Gentle Temp 720 readings can be seen clearly at nighttime, making it especially handy when measuring your baby’s temperature at night.

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