Sorry - this product is no longer available

This is no longer available although you may find similar or newer versions below:

Omron Rechargeable Battery Pack Set for NE-C30 Nebuliser

Product Description

  • The original rechargeable Battery Set
  • Light and easy to handle
  • The Battery Set makes the C30 CompAIR Elite available for convenient away-from-home use
  • Put the C30 with battery in your handbag or small executive case and use it whenever you need, wherever you are
  • Charging takes three hours and the battery lasts for approx. 35 minutes
  • This pack is reference number 9986453-7 and consists of part numbers
9986457-0 (rechargeable battery) and
9986461-8 (battery charger unit)
  • The set does not include the NE-C30 nebuliser or the mains plug
  • The set must be plugged into the mains using the adaptor that is supplied when you purchase an Omron NE-C30

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