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  • They are inconsistent, they don-Æt plan their content and they don-Æt measure their results - they just feel drained and demotivated, unsure whether they are seeing a return on their investment of time.

    Many people end up resenting blogging and social media due to lack-lustre results

  • Hilary will show you that when properly planned and managed, you will learn to love blogging and social media as a fun tool that can enhance your creativity, and not be a time-wasting chore.

    This book doesn-Æt repeat the books already on the market that tell you how to set up a craft business and sell your products online

  • Pre order for September 2014

    For small creative businesses and crafter-sellers, the desire to grow your online following can become addictive and many people find they spend all day aimlessly clicking and tinkering with their blog and social media accounts with no real strategy in place

  • In this eye-opening book, social media and craft marketing expert Hilary Pullen will show you how to develop a strategy for online networking that will help you identify who you want to connect with, where you will connect with them and what type of things you want to share and say to them
  • It will show you how blogging and social media can connect you not just to customers but importantly to industry influencers and publishers who will share and champion your craft products.

  • It is not a basics book telling you to be chatty and sociable (like you didn'-Æt know already that being friendly was important!) It is full of practical tips to improve your online networking skills and save you precious time, teaching you everything you need to know about online marketing, and how to set realistic measurable goals which will have a genuine positive impact on sales and brand awareness


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