FAFS10499 OPROshield

Opro Custom Mouthguard

  • We post this system to you, you take your own impression (with parental assistance if appropriate) fill in the form and pop it back in the box provided and into the addressed envelope
  • A simple, yet highly effective system! Also included in the pack is a Bronze mouthguard in Black to be used while waiting for your custom to arrive, usually within 10 working days
  • Material Safety Data Sheets are avaliable on request
  • However other blows, particularly to the lower jaw, can cause other damage
  • Once the mouthguard is made, it gets posted straight back to you
  • A blow to the lower jaw can slam the jaws together and the sudden impact of the relatively sharp lower teeth into the back of the upper teeth is like a chisel, causing a fracture of the upper teeth by punching them forwards
  • Every Opro Custom Gum Shield is laminated
  • For a fully custom design (100's to choose from) and colour (over 15) you can visit the OPRO website
  • The final laminate is always clear which means that we can incorporate each person's name in the mouthguard, and then seal it in.
  • With no mouthguard, a blow to the lower face sends shock waves through the skull
  • In some cases, the transmitted forces can lead to a fracture of the lower jaw, or will travel through the jaw joint (TMJ) into the base of the skull causing a concussion
  • This ensures that certain areas which can be quite thin in single laminate mouthguards, get a generous covering - particularly important over the tips of the front teeth
  • OPRO Mouthguards are used by all players in all 12 of the Zurich Rugby Union Premiership Teams
  • That means it is made from two or more layers, which are formed over the plaster cast of the mouth, one after the other
  • A direct impact can fracture the front teeth
  • Considerable time has been spent recently in designing a system, which allows you to take impressions of your own teeth in a home molding kit
  • The impression Putty is a commonly used high grade dental impression material


Product Description

  • Mix 2 putties together
    Bite, Mould, choose colour
    Pop into envelope
    Receive Custom in 10 days

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