FFSP10250 Cortas

Orange Blossom Water, Cortas, 2 x 300ml, Buy 2 get 5% Discount

  • From simple summer drinks to rich, fruity puddings, and even beauty treatments, orange blossom water has a place in every larder.Cortas make this perfumed water from a pure orange flower distillate, with no artificial flavours or enhancers
  • For the simplest of refreshing drinks, spike a jug of iced water with a drop or two of the blossom water
  • Pep up a bowl of strawberries to enhance their sweetness or stir through panna cotta or ice cream mixes
  • The uses for this fragrant orange blossom water are many and varied
  • Produced in Lebanon, orange blossom water is a rich part of traditional Middle Eastern cooking, but is also found in many French dishes, too
  • Use sparingly to give sweet and savoury dishes a heavenly scent of summer and floral roundedness in the mouth.


Product Description

  • Availability: All Year

  • Origin: Lebanon

Made from 100% natural orange flowers with no additives

Orange blossom water can also be used as a room or bath scent and is traditionally used as a facial toner.

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