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Organic Ambient Tofu (Clearspring) - 300g

  • Cut it, fry it, mash it, marinate it, boil it, Tofu is a very versatile ingredient
  • From soups to smoothies, it can be used in savoury as well as in sweet dishes
  • Try preparing Tofu with delicious recipes.
  • Clearspring Organic Ambient Tofu


Product Description

  • It is also low fat, lactose and gluten free.
  • If you are on a vegan/ vegetaian diet or simply want to reduce your meat intake, Tofu is an easy and popular source of protein


Clearspring Organic Tofu is made with just three ingredients:

Whole soya beans that are fully traceable and EU certified
Spring water from Mount Fuji
Nigari, a naturally occuring mineral rich coagulant

Made without using any soy protein isolates, artificial water-retaining coagulants, GM soy or preservatives, this uniques protein rich food has the potential to change the way we view Tofu in the UK.


Organic Tofu 300g, available in a long life package. Ambient product but keep it under 20 degree. DO NOT freeze


Clearspring Brand Promise: Organic/premium quality Japanese and European foods skillfully prepared by artisan and professional producers. Prepared according to authentic, traditional recipes and our own original recipes developed for present day market needs. 100% vegetarian/vegan foods and ingredients. Wholesome, easy-to-prepare, great tasting daily foods for optimum nutrition. No artificial additives, MSG, colourings, preservatives or refined sugars. Ethically sourced foods which support producer communities. Made using environmentally sustainable and non-GM ingredients. Good foods to be enjoyed globally.

About Brand

The Clearspring goal is to get organic food back on the dining table, so that you can enjoy the same quality of foods as your grandparents did. By developing the demand for organic foods and encouraging the cultivation of organic crops by farmers today, we can ensure that your grandchildren, too, can enjoy the great taste of good food.? You will find that each of our food products has a distinct flavour and quality that comes from using the finest quality ingredients and respecting local food traditions.

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