MARH10170 Pearls of Samarkand

Organic Fair Trade Jumbo Cashews - 100g

  • Our Organic Fairtrade Jumbo Cashew kernels / nuts are the biggest Cashews around the world and extra soft, tasty and aromatic
  • Pearls of Samarkand Organic Fair Trade Jumbo Cashews
  • The cashew itself, also known as Kaschu or Keschju is not actually a nut but the seed of the cashew apple which botanically belongs to the stone fruits


Product Description

  • Today the cashew tree is present in all tropical climate zones of Latin America, Africa and Asia
  • By purchasing our Organic Fairtrade Jumbo Cashews you support these small farmer groups to improve their living conditions after all their honest and hard work.You can consume our delicious organic Fairtrade jumbo cashews as a snack, as a mix with other nuts and dried fruits, use as an ingredient for pesto, or with many other Asian dishes or for dessert
  • The origin of the cashew is Brazil from where the Portugese spread it to the Portugese colonies in Africa, India and the whole world
  • The word cashew itself is derived from the language of the Tupi Indians which call the cashew tree, Acajou or kidney-shaped-tree, after the shape of the kernels
  • The cashew apple itself is generally only consumed in the country of origin because its bitter taste is not very appealing to most consumers.

    Our organic Fairtrade jumbo cashews are of course free from pesticides and preservatives (according to the EU organic regulation) and have their origin from Mopa/Sofa Organic Fairtrade small farmer groups in Sri Lanka
  • Tip: Dry-roast our organic Fairtrade jumbo cashews in a pan shortly before use to bring out an extra nutty flavour.

Nutrition Information

Average nutritional values per 100 g Per portion 25 g % GDA* (25 g)
Calorific value (kJ) 578 kcal 144.5 kcal 7.2 %
kJ 2402 kJ 600.5 kJ 7.1 %
Protein 17.6g 4.4 g 8.8 %
Carbohydrates 30.5 g 7.6 g 2.8 %
of which sugar 15.3 g 3.8 g 4.3 %
Fat 42.2 g 10.6 g 15.1 %
of which saturated fatty acids 9.4 g 2.4 g 11.8 %
Fibre 2.9 g 0.7 g 2.9 %
Sodium 0.014 g 0.0 g 0.1 %

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