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HINU10251 Hipp Organic

Organic Good Night Milk (Hipp) - 350g

by Hipp Organic
  • ++Good Night Milks
  • HiPP Organic Good Night Milk is suitable for babies from 6 months to 3 years of age and can be incorporated into your baby’s bedtime routine as an alternative to your baby’s normal follow-on milk feed
  • Expected Despatch By 06/12/2016


Product Description

    • This reformulated special blend of high quality organic follow-on milk and gluten free cereals (rice and buckwheat) makes HiPP Organic Good Night Milk satisfyingly creamy and an ideal drink to end a busy, adventure-filled day!

      This bedtime milk can be prepared using a bottle or beaker*
      *We recommend that beakers are introduced in to your baby’s feeding routine as early as possible to prevent prolonged contact of your baby’s teeth with milk feeds which may increase the risk of tooth decay.


  • Organic skimmed milk, organic vegetable oils (palm, rapeseed, sunflower oils), organic corn starch, organic lactose, organic demineralised whey powder, organic rice flakes, organic buckwheat flakes, emulsifier (soya lecithin), calcium carbonate, vitamin C, potassium chloride, L-tryptophan, iron diphosphate, vitamin E, niacin, zinc oxide, pantothenic acid, copper sulphate, vitamin A, thiamin, vitamin B6, zinc sulphate, riboflavin, potassium iodate, manganese sulphate, folic acid, vitamin K, sodium selenate, biotin, vitamin D, vitamin B12.

    This product is made from organic milk from organically run farms working strictly to high organic standards. No GM ingredients are used.

Nutrition Information

  • Nutrient Per 100ml feed (14g powder + 90ml water)

    Energy kJ 290
    kcal 70
    Protein g 1.6
    Carbohydrate Of which sugars (lactose) g 8.0
    starch g 5.0
    polysaccharide g 2.8
    Fat g 3.5
    Of which saturates g 1.2
    Polyunsaturates g 0.7
    Of which linoleic acid g 0.6
    Fibre g 0.03
    Sodium g 0.02
    Vitamin A (RE) µg 71
    Vitamin D µg 1.2
    Vitamin E mg 1.2
    Thiamin mg 0.07
    Riboflavin mg 0.1
    Vitamin B6 mg 0.07
    Vitamin B12 µg 0.2
    Niacin mg 0.6
    Folic acid µg 13
    Biotin µg 2.5
    Pantothenic acid mg 0.5
    Vitamin K µg 5.7
    Vitamin C mg 11
    Potassium mg 75
    Chloride mg 47
    Calcium mg 72
    Phosphorus mg 43
    Ca:P ratio 1.7
    Magnesium mg 6.2
    Iron mg 0.7
    Zinc mg 0.7
    Copper µg 39
    Iodine µg 11
    Manganese µg 12
    Selenium µg 1.4
    Fluoride µg 25


  • HiPP have been making organic baby foods for over 50 years and our recipes are made of only the highest quality organic ingredients. It’s no wonder that HiPP Organic is Mum’s Choice.

    Organic is important for your baby
    A pure organic diet can be more beneficial during the first few months of life than at any other time. Babies have immature systems and need the very purest and safest foods. Babies eat more food per kilogram of body weight than adults – risking eating, on this basis, up to five times more chemical residues in ordinary foods than adults.

    HiPP Organic baby foods are made from naturally good ingredients grown without chemical pesticides, nitrates, growth hormones or other unwanted extras – and the meals are produced without artificial additives, E numbers or processing chemicals.

    HiPP Organic offers the reassurance of baby food that is pure and uncontaminated at a time in your baby's life when it really matters .


  • - My follow-on milk packaging states that I should not add cereals to feeds given in a bottle. I’m confused and concerned as this product contains cereals and can be given in a bottle?

    This product has a carefully controlled formulation, both nutritionally and in terms of its cereal to liquid ratio, so that it is perfectly safe to be given from a bottle if required. As HiPP Organic Good Night Milk is suitable from 6 months to 3 years of age, it is possible that at 6 months a baby will still be being fed from a bottle; however we support and encourage the introduction of a beaker or feeder cup as soon as possible. You should not add cereals to follow-on milks yourself as it would be difficult to get the quantities correct for safe feeding.

    - Is this a follow-on milk formula?

    This product is a follow-on formula made from Organic Follow-on milk and organic cereals which meets all the follow-on milk regulations. It should only be used to replace the follow-on milk feed at bedtime.

    - How often can I use HiPP Organic Good Night Milk?

    This special follow-on milk is designed to be given ONCE per day in place of an evening follow-on milk feed. The important feeding information on the tin states: “HiPP Organic Good Night Milk is designed to be given ONCE per day and should not be used more frequently."

    - Will giving this product interfere with my baby getting a well balanced diet?

    HiPP Organic Good Night Milk is intended to replace one follow-on milk feed in the evening only. Other meals and drinks will be taken through the day and these should be made up of a variety of different foods that can provide your baby with a wide range of nutrients. HiPP Organic Good Night Milk used once per day can make up a valuable contribution to a baby’s intake of calcium and iron for healthy development.

    - The product looks as if it should be prepared like a follow-on formula, is this true?

    The preparation instructions do have some similarity to those stated on our other follow-on milks however as the Good Night Milk has a thicker texture there are some differences to the way in which it is prepared. The product should be made with cooled boiling water (left for approx.30 minutes) like a follow-on formula. Rather than measuring all the water into sterilised bottle or beaker to begin with, you need to measure this into a jug and then measure 2/3rd of the water into a sterilised bottle or beaker and add the required amount of powder, cap the bottle/put on the lid and shake vigorously. Uncap the bottle or beaker and add the remaining water, recap/relid, shake to mix, replace cap with a sterilised large hole/fast flow teat. Always check the temperature before giving this to your baby.

    - Why is HiPP Organic Good Night Milk only suitable from 6 months onwards?

    HiPP Organic Good Night Milk is blended using organic Follow-on milk and Organic cereals and is not intended for usage before 6 months of age. It is formulated in line with the regulations for Follow-on milks which are unsuitable before this age.

    The Department of Health recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life. The decision to begin weaning (including the introduction of a follow-on milk formula before 6 months of age) should only be made on the advice of a doctor, health visitor, public health nurse, dietician or pharmacist, based upon the individual infants specific growth and development needs.

    - I’m concerned that this product will be difficult for my little one to digest and that it may keep them awake at night as a result.

    The cereals used in HiPP Organic Good Night Milk (rice and buckwheat) are often used in baby foods and are easy for tiny tummies to digest. HiPP Organic Follow-on milk is designed to be given to babies of 6 months onwards and therefore has been formulated to be suitable for babies of this age to digest. The mixture of these cereals and Follow-on milk has been found to be well digested by babies.

    - If this product contains cereals, won’t it contain more calories, than Follow-on milk?

    HiPP Organic Good Night Milk contains 70 calories per 100ml, which is the same as our follow-on milks so you don’t need to worry about your baby having too many calories (energy).

    - Will my baby go to sleep straight after drinking HiPP Organic Good Night Milk?

    HiPP Organic Good Night Milk can be an important part of the bedtime routine. However you should make sure that you clean your baby’s teeth and then undertake all the normal activities such as reading a bedtime story and having cuddle time, before they drift off to sleep.

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