ORGN10093 Organico

Organico Croccantini Rosemary - Pack of 10 x 150g

  • Organico Croccantini Rosemary
  • Italian Croccantini flatbread crackers
  • Organic Italian Flatbread


Product Description

  • Organico Croccantini Rosemary
  • Ideal for Dipping
  • Not only nutricious but also delicious
  • Flatbread with a Hint of Rosemary


We work with smaller producers, family businesses and co-operatives, aiming to develop our business in partnership, addressing problems together and providing continuity over many years. Our products are selected for their high quality and taste. We have won endless awards and press praise and are closely linked to Italy's leading slow food and organic chef. Organic produce chef We are 100% committed to organic foods. We believe that organic additive-free food is better, healthier, tastier, more nutritious and far better for the environment in terms of all the most significant indicators - pollution, carbon footprint and bio-diversity.

About Brand

Organico is all organic and natural. The company has a commitment to organics, sustainability, ethics and good, good food! We are a company which works with suppliers from many countries. We believe in using produce which grows naturally in its native country without the need for hothousing or other interventions. So, for example, we use Italian tomatoes grown in Italy, olives grown in Turkey, rice from Italy - none of which are easily grown (to the same quality) in this country.

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