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Organix First Wholegrain Baby Rice - 100g

  • Simply organically grown rice that's light, fluffy and loved by babies.
  • Organic wholegrain baby rice


Product Description

  • Mixing it up with your baby’s usual milk means it’ll taste reassuringly familiar and the creamy consistency makes it irresistibly tasty and perfect for tiny tummies
  • This clearly shows you that we don’t hide any ingredients and always list them with names you’ll recognise.

    We hope you’ll agree that our healthy babyfood range is a great alternative to home cooking.

    Organix 'NO JUNK PROMISE':
    • No Added Sugar
    • No artificial colourings
    • No MSG or added flavourings
    • No hydrogenated fat
    • Always organically grown ingredients
    • Naturally nutrient rich
    • Portions of fruit in fruit based foods
    • Reduced salt, fat and sugar
  • We have developed our organic baby rice to be the perfect way to start introducing your baby to solid food
  • You’ll notice on all our packaging that our ingredient lists add up to 100%
  • That’s why we’ve created the ‘No Junk Promise’, that means safe, pure and nutritious foods for your baby always!

    We use the best organically grown ingredients, cooked simply to ensure optimum taste and nutrition
  • We also go one step further and never add artificial colourings, preservatives, artificial flavourings or processed sugars to any of our healthy baby food.

    We know that clear labelling is important too
  • You know your baby best so add more milk or cereal if your baby prefers a slightly different consistency or is hungrier.

    Our organic babyfood range begins with simple, pureed fruits suitable for stage 1 (4 to 6 months) and stage 2 (7 to 9 months) moving on to finger foods for babies such as Rice Cakes, Crunchy Carrot Sticks and Crunchy Sweetcorn Rings suitable for stage 2 (7-9 months) and Moon Biscuits for stage 3 (From 12 months).

    Our philosophy is that all baby food should be tasty and offer the best nutrition


Organic wholegrain rice flakes (100%), thiamin (Vitamin B1*). *Thiamin (Vitamin B1) is an essential nutrient for growing children. Thiamin has no organic classification.


This food is made in a factory that uses the following ingredients in other recipes:
- Milk
- Cereals (containing gluten)
Although reasonable care is taken to ensure our lines and equipment are free from traces of these ingredients we cannot guarantee absolute freedom.

Nutrition Information



Organix was created to campaign for better quality children’s foods and exists to ensure that healthy eating for children is made as simple as it can be to offer parents a range of healthy children's foods as an alternative to the conventional foods on offer.

We believe that children need safe, nutritious and wholesome foods. What they eat affects not only their daily well-being but also their long-term growth and development. Organic children’s foods give children a better start in life, developing healthy bodies and avoiding diet related problems including heart disease, obesity and anaemia.

We hope to provide a good example to other children’s food companies by emphasising the benefits of healthy eating for children. We do this by setting the highest standards in nutrition, food quality, honest labelling and responsible promotions.

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