TWEN13120 Orgran

Orgran Custard Mix - 200g

  • Wheat, gluten, dairy and egg free.


Product Description

  • You can now enjoy custard with your favourite desserts, without the need for wheat, gluten, diary or eggs.
  • The Orgran Natural Custard Mix is a low fat, smooth and creamy custard mix, made from all natural gluten free ingredients complemented with natural vanilla flavour


Maize starch, natural vanilla flavour, natural colour: beta carotene
Wheat Free
Gluten Free
Dairy/ lactose and casein Free
Egg Free
Yeast Free
GMO Free
Cholesterol Free
Free from Animal derivatives


Orgran is a leading brand totally focused on health and nutrition. It was founded from sound philosophy to assist people improve their health and provide nutritional alternatives for those with special dietary requirements. For people on special diets, Orgran is an easy and convenient choice without having to read complex ingredients listings. All products are Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Egg free, Yeast Free, GMO Free and Vegan.

Orgran is the pioneer producer and trusted name of natural food products in over 50 countries worldwide. The Orgran premises is one of the few plants in the world strictly dedicated to gluten free production.


In today's society, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of consuming a diet that is healthy, nutritious and individual to their needs. Orgran products have been developed with your wellbeing in mind and are based on only natural ingredients for people who demand a healthier lifestyle.

All Orgran products are Gluten FREE, Wheat FREE, Dairy FREE, Egg FREE, Yeast FREE, GMO FREE, Vegan and all natural. For people on special diets it is an easy and convenient choice without having to look through complex ingredient listings.

Enjoyed around the world, Orgran products are endorsed by health practitioners and are available in over 50 countries. With over 70 gluten free products to choose from such as our range of award winning pasta varieties and innovative products such as gluten free gluten (GfG) or ‘No EGG' egg replacer, you can guarantee balance and variety in your diet.

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