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Ortis G1 Ferro Vital - 250ml

  • Ferro Vital, The solution for recovering cast-iron health! Combined with various B and C vitamins, Ferro Vital is an explosively beneficial tonic. What’s more, Ferro Vital is enriched with plum juice, giving it a pleasant flavour.

Product Description

Depending on your activities and your time of life, the iron stored in your body is used at varying rates. Your eating habits don’t always supply your body with the amount of iron it needs, and anyway, the body doesn’t always assimilate the iron in food perfectly.
ORTIS Laboratories have selected iron in the form that’s easiest for your body to assimilate, and provide it in proportions that are ideal for your health.
FERRO VITAL is especially recommended as a way of preserving your body’s iron stores and helping you keep the vitality you need at all the important times in your life!


Ferrous gluconate:
The gluconate form provides iron that is very easy to absorb.
Vitamins B2, B6, B9, B12, C:
Vital for the body’s cells.
Involved in the energy-giving process.
Dry extract of nettle:
GVery helpful for brittle nails, hair loss, acne, etc.


Nature is the first laboratory for our health. Its resources are for the Ortis scientists a source of permanent inspiration, in order to develop products intended to improve daily wellbeing.

At all times and under all latitudes, man has resorted to plants in order to look after himself. The phytotherapy or treatment of diseases by plants is without any doubt the oldest medicine in the world. Nowadays, a vast majority of the population is tired of chemical substances that are offered to them for the slightest problem. They demand more nature and fewer side effects.

By choosing a food supplement with the Ortis label, the user is certain to have chosen optimized effectiveness, matched of course with a large safety of utilization.

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