SLTL10911 OSomount

OSomount 360 Grip Phone and GPS Holder

  • The U-Grip jaws allow holding any mobile phone from an iPhone 5 to a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and anything in between
  • The new 360 Grip Car mount is just another brilliant in car holder by Osomount
  • Osomount's new cradle gives you the freedom to place your device in any convenient place in your car and just drive.


Product Description

  • After choosing the convenient place to attach the mount to - be this your car dashboard, windscreen, computer desk or worktop - simply pull the lever down at the front of the mount to apply the suction
  • To remove it, pull the lever up and remove the car mount using the little clip sticking out of the suction cup surface, lift the mount pulling it from one side.


    The tightening nut on the back of the joint can be loosened to allow easier positioning of the head and then tightened again to prevent any unwanted movement while driving

  • Osomount's universal 360 Grip Car Mount has been designed to give you maximum security and peace of mind while driving, while maintaining the ease of use of other products made by Osomount

  • The flexible joint allow to turn the head 360 degrees as well as being able to point the head in any direction
  • Thanks to the strongest suction cup in the world, the 360 Grip in car mount will stay exactly where you place it until the lever is lifted back up again.


    The suction cup is re-usable over and over again - if it becomes dirty, simply wash it under cold water and leave to dry and the stickiness of the suction cup will be rejuvenated

  • The mount is then securely attached to the surface and is ready to use
  • To install, simply place it on the desired surface and push the lever down
  • This means you can position your device horizontally, vertically or even diagonally and point it towards yourself when you are using the phone as a GPS, or twist the head and point the device towards your passenger to watch a movie while you are driving.

  • You will be able to use the 360 Grip mount for years to come and if it does break in any way, we offer a free 2 year warranty to every customer!


    Inserting your phone into the holder could not be easier! After attaching the mount to the desired surface, simply push one of the sides of the jaws away with your phone until you can slot your phone in

  • Thanks to the strong-spring loaded mechanism and the grippy silicone coating, your phone will never slip out of the jaws unwanted - we assure complete peace of mind when using the holder, even on a bumpy road! The mount is also very easy to install or remove

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